Sniper Ghost Shooter

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Sniper Ghost Shooter Movie Trailer

Sniper Ghost Shooter MovieYou may watch below the official trailer of Sniper Ghost Shooter aka Sniper 6, the upcoming action drama war thriller movie directed by Don Michael Paul and starring Dennis Haysbert, Stephanie Vogt, Chad Michael Collins, Nigel Barber, Enoch Frost, and Presciliana Esparolini:


A new mission. A global threat

Plot synopsis:
“American Sergeant Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) and his team are fighting extremists in the Middle East when the Colonel (Dennis Haysbert) orders them on a new mission – he wants them on the Black Sea. As they try to protect a gas pipeline in Western Europe from terrorists, it becomes apparent that there’s a security breach when American snipers are repeatedly shot and killed by a ghost shooter.”

And here’s the cover of the DVD:

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Sniper Ghost Shooter Movie Poster

Go get that damn ghost shooter and send him to hell!

The release date of the movie Sniper Ghost Shooter is set to August 2, 2016 (on DVD and Digital).