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Spirits Movie

Spirits FilmA first official look at Spirits, the upcoming animated fantasy family movie written and directed by Todd Edwards and Timothy Hooten:

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Spirits Movie

Plot synopsis:
“Dickensian London, 1843 – MARLEY is a glum ghost with a serious chip on his shoulder. For seven years he’s wandered the foggy streets of London fueled by bitterness towards his former business partner, SCROOGE. Destined to stay this way forevermore, his afterlife takes an unexpected turn when tough-love angel MAYBELLINE gives him an off-the-record opportunity: scare Scrooge into being a better man and Marley can earn his angel wings!
Unfortunately, Marley is a lousy haunter and considers quitting when poof! a Sherlock Holmes-looking spirit & professional haunter named SMITH mysteriously appears, offering to team up. They determine Christmas Eve will be the perfect time to carry out the haunting but Smith insists they need to recruit a full team to be successful. So the duo undertake an auditioning process, assembling an oddball spirit crew including CATHERINE, BOZZIE and CHARLES, who help plan what would appear to be the perfect heist.
Ready or not (clue: they’re not!), when Christmas Eve arrives the night turns into a radically new perspective on the classic CHRISTMAS CAROL story. Aided by their zany crew, Marley and Smith get ready to pull off the haunting of a lifetime. Along the way Marley learns that the only way to move on with his (after) life is to break free from the chains of bitterness that have been holding him back. As for Scrooge and his wicked ways? Well we can always hope for a Christmas miracle…”

Now, who’s who from left to right? Any idea?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Spirits.