Sweet Home

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Sweet Home Movie Trailer

You may watch below the official trailer of Sweet Home, the upcoming Spanish horror thriller movie directed by Rafa Martinez and starring Ingrid Garcia Jonsson, Bruno Sevilla, and Oriol Tarrida Homedes:


From the producers of [REC] and Sleep Tight.

Tonight you will wish you’d stayed at home.

Plot synopsis:
“A young real estate broker has planned a romantic dinner with her boyfriend in an old apartment building, but the couple is forced to fight for their lives after they stumble on a group of murderers who cannot let their dark secret leave the building.”

Take a look to the Spanish poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Sweet Home Spanish Poster_

I guess the boyfriend will die, but I feel like the girl will make it out alive. What do you think?

The release date of the movie Sweet Home is set to May 6, 2016.