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Tale of Despereaux Clip

Tale of Despereaux Movie

A first preview clip of The Tale of Desperaux has shown up:

Despereaux Preview Clip

Despereaux tries to tell Chef Andre about the Princess’ capture.

I think the marketing team behind Th Tale of Despereaux did not select the right clip to promote the film. Moment, a rodent in a kitchen in a CGI animated movie, does not ring a bell for you? Yeap, Ratatouille! But the two movies can’t really compare… The Tale of Despereaux is maybe an entertaining movie, but it hardly brings anything new… Besides Despereaux isn’t a kitchen mouse: so why did they select this particular clip for promoting the Tale of Despereaux?

Despereaux Movie Trailer 2

Desperaux is maybe a tiny mouse, but he is as courageous as a knight!

You may watch below a new trailer of Despereaux, upcoming CGI animated movie about a tiny mouse with a big heart and a lot of courage:

Tale of Despereaux Second Trailer

The Tale of Despereaux Movie Trailer

Overall the movie seems well done and really entertaining both for children and grown ups.

The movie reminds of bedtime stories from childhood, you know, those stories taken from mysterious illustrated books that your dad or your mom used to read to help you sleep.

I’ll feel some nostalgia for sure when I’ll bring my kids to see the Tale of Despereaux.

Tale of Despereaux Movie Pictures

Despereaux the mouseYou may check some pictures of the tale of Despereaux at:

Despereaux Pictures

I thought Mickey was my favorite mouse, but now it is Despereaux!


Tale of Despereaux Trailer


You may watch the trailer of the Tale of Despereaux, an upcoming CGI animated movie, below:

Despereaux First Official Trailer

The movie The Tale of Despereaux is based on a fantasy book of the same name by Kate DiCamillo. The story revolves around a young mouse with oversized ears who is not afraid of befriending humans and cats.

Despereaux Movie Poster

Tale of Despereaux Movie

Check the poster of the Tale of Despereaux in full glory at:

Despereaux Poster

This tiny mouse does not fit into the mold: Despereaux the foolhardy is not afraid to befriend cats and humans!

Tale of Despereaux

Desperaux PosterTale of Despereaux
Directed by Sam Fell, Robert Stevenhagen
Starring Matthew Broderick, Emma Watson, Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver
Release Date: December 19, 2008

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