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The Bromley Boys Movie Trailer

The Bromley Boys MovieCheck out the official trailer of The Bromley Boys, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Steve Kelly based on a script by Warren Dudley and starring Alan Davies, Martine McCutcheon, Jamie Foreman, Adam Deacon, and Brenock O’Connor:

Plot synopsis:
“A funny yet touching coming of age football (soccer) memoir played out to the sights and sounds of Britain in 1970. Adapted from the comic novel by Dave Roberts, it recounts the author’s highs and the lows supporting his beloved team Bromley FC through their worst ever season.
Bumping along at the bottom of the bottom non-league division, and effectively the worst football team in Britain, Bromley had reached breaking point. Desperate for a change of fortune, and deluded by his own overactive imagination, Dave hatches a plan that will not only see Bromley grabbing the headlines on national TV, but also have a number of top flight clubs descending upon Hayes Lane to scout Bromley’s dubiously overrated centre forward. Throw into the mix the Bromley Chairman’s daughter Ruby King – who actually hates football, but has taken quite a shine to Dave – and you have a recipe for disaster which has Dave’s football fandom tested to the core.
It just goes to show you can’t choose who you fall in love with. ”

There are also a few posters:

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It only takes 90 minutes to fall in love.

Inspired by the book by Dave Roberts.

Do you like soccer? Or do you think it’s rubbish?

The UK release date of the movie The Bromley Boys is set to June 1, 2018.

Stay tuned with us for more details.