The Curse of La Patasola

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The Curse of La Patasola Movie trailer

The Curse Of La Patasola Movie (2022)You may watch below the latest movie trailer of The Curse of La Patasola, the upcoming horror movie directed by AJ Jones based on a script he co-wrote with Shaun Mathis and starring Luciana Faulhaber, Gillie Jones, and Patrick Walker:

Plot synopsis:
“On a weekend camping trip, two struggling couples encounter a vampiric monster from Amazonian folklore, testing their relationships, their courage, and their will to survive.”

From Wikipedia:

The Patasola or “one leg” is one of many myths in South American folklore about female monsters from the jungle, appearing to male hunters or loggers in the middle of the wilderness when they think about women.

The release date of the movie The Curse of La Patasola is set to January 14, 2022.

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