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The Eyes Movie Trailer

The Eyes MovieCheck out the first official trailer of The Eyes, the upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Robbie Bryan based on a script by Robert T. Roe and starring Nick Turturro, Vincent Pastore, Danny Flaherty, Megan West, Ana Isabelle, Greg (“Klarity”) Davis Jr., Steven Hauck, and Carly Steel :


Only the truth will set one free.

Plot synopsis:
“Some say we are only as sick as our secrets, but what if our government really knew those secrets? What if they’ve watched every move we’ve made, and our secrets aren’t really hidden? In The Eyes, six strangers with unspeakable pasts wake up imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse and discover they are being forced to participate in an evil governmental experiment. Five must die. One can live. And THEY have two hours to decide amongst themselves who survives. The clock is ticking, and if they don’t decide… they ALL die. ‘The Eyes’ shows us that someone is always watching.”

Would you rather die than reveal your secret?

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

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The Eyes Movie Poster

Seeing is deceiving.

The release date of the movie The Eyes is set to April 7, 2017.