The Great War

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The Great War Movie

A new official poster has been unveiled for The Great War (aka Over There), the upcoming war drama movie written and directed by Steven Luke:

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The Great War Movie Poster

Plot synopsis:
“During the last days of the Great War, A group of U.S. soldiers are sent behind enemy lines to rescue a lost platoon known as the Buffalo Soldiers. Following the orders of General Pershing (Ron Perlman) and Colonel Jack Morrison (Billy Zane), Lt. Rivers (Bates Wilder) will stop at nothing until his squadron is returned from behind enemy lines.”

And here’s an earlier poster:

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The Great War Over There

We also spotted those two pictures:

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Bates Wilder, Aaron Courteau, And Hiram A. Murray In The Great WarCasey Sill, Cody Fleury, Judah McFadden, Edgar Damatian, And Andrew Stecker In The Great War

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Great War.