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The Last Hope Movie Trailer

The Last HopeCheck out the first official trailer of The Last Hope, the upcoming Australian zombie horror movie directed by Leigh Ormsby based on a script he co-wrote with Ben Ormsby and starring Leigh Ormsby, Glenn Ellis, Lisa Dallinger, Melody Rooks, Darcy Whitsed, Brooke Tomlinson, Vlady T, Daniel Reader, Albert Goikhman, and Ally Aurora:

Plot synopsis:
“One by one, they fell. Governments, countries, who continents to the disease. Law and order swiftly broke down sending man against man and the light dimmed for humanity.
But one country stood defiant. Through a brutal border protection policy and isolation, Australia stood firm as humanities last bastion to the undead. People from all nations fled, hoping to find freedom and a new life in the confines of Australia’s borders. However, their hopes were swiftly dashed as they were forced into brutal, over crowded detention centres, fighting over meagre scraps of food. But with the arrival of a mysterious French girl and the arrival of the High Risk Response Unit to the Briar’s Hill detention centre, Australia, the last hope for many, may finally fall.”

There’s also a banner:

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The Last Hope Movie Banner

If there’s a zombie pandemic you better shoot outsiders on sight if you don’t want to get infected!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Last Hope.