The Levenger Tapes

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The Levenger Tapes Movie trailer

The Levenger Tapes MovieThanks to Lionsgate here’s the official trailer of The Levenger Tapes, the upcoming horror movie written and directed by Mark Edwin Robinson and starring Johanna Braddy (yep, the girl who plays the role of Shelby Wyatt in the TV series Quantico), Lili Mirojnick, Morgan Krantz, and Chris Mulkey:


When three students disappeared, their footage was found.

Every moment is crucial. Every frame is a clue.

Become witness to evil unleashed!

Plot synopsis:
“This chilling horror tale follows three college students on an ill-fated weekend getaway. After finding what seems to be evidence of murder, the kids disappear, leaving behind a video camera. Thinking the missing students’ footage may help solve the kidnapping of a teenage girl, the police uncover even greater terror.”

And here’s an earlier poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Some secrets should never be uncovered.

Let’s hope the students will survive through this ordeal!

The release date of The Levenger Tapes is set to July 5, 2016 (on DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand).