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The Medium Movie

The Medium MovieI just read that The Medium, the upcoming supernatural horror movie directed by Malaysian Filmmaker Brando Lee based on a script Alfie Palermo, will involve the Thai household divinity Kuman Thong.

From Wikipedia:

Kuman Thong is a household divinity of Thai popular religion. It is believed to bring luck and fortune to the owner if properly revered. Kuman, or Kumara (Pali) means “Sanctified young boy” (female kumari); thong means golden.
The ‘authentic’ Kuman Thong originated in a practice of necromancy. They were obtained from the desiccated fetuses of children who had died whilst still in their mothers’ womb.

So necromancy stuff? Sounds creepy!

The film cast includes Harris Dickinson, Fiona Dourif, Randy Wayne, Jordan Belfi, William Miller, Malin Crépin, Ashlyn Boots, and Jessie Franks.

Composer Vincent Gillioz is in charge of the film score.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Medium.

Update – A few behind-the-scenes pictures:

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The Medium FIlm BTS Pic (12)The Medium BTS PictureThe Medium - Malin Crepin