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The Music of Silence Trailer

The Music Of Silence MovieCheck out the official trailer of The Music of Silence, the latest biography drama movie directed by Michael Radford based on a script he co-wrote with Anna Pavignano and starring Antonio Banderas, Jordi Mollà, Toby Sebastian, Alessandro Sperduti, Luisa Ranieri, Antonella Attili, Paola Lavini, Daniel Vivian, Nadir Caselli, Anthony Souter, Francesca Prandi, Ennio Fantastichini, Cesare Cremonini, Francesco Salvi, Emanuela Aurizi, Martina Catalfamo, Mariella Lo Sardo, Carlo Tozzi, Adele Tirante, and Jacopo Fazzini:

Plot synopsis:
“Everyone knows Andrea Bocelli: his voice, his songs and his international popularity. However, much less is known of the private life of Andrea Bocelli and the struggles, he has had to suffer.
Amos Bardi (the alter ego of Andrea Bocelli) was born with an amazing voice that promised a great future for him. However, he also battled a serious problem regarding his eyes that made him nearly blind. His illness forces him through multiple surgeries that proves in vain, when a terrible accident causes him to go completely blind.
Despite everything, Amos does not give up. Driven by a great ambition and passion, he works harder than anyone else, in every gesture, at every step and with every song to achieve his goals of greatness.”

And here’s an Italian poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The Music Of Silence Film Italian Poster

He lost sight, but definitely not his voice!

The film has already been released in Italy but it hast yet to get an official US release date.