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The Originals Movie

A teaser poster for the Originals, the upcoming war action movie based on a script by Robin T.J. Kershaw and Paul Wilson Bonner:

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75 years fater their first mission the true story of how the legend began.

Plot synopsis:
“The true and little known story of the formation of the SAS in North Africa in 1941.
David Stirling and Jock Lewes form an unlikely partnership to create and train a new special forces unit known as ‘L’ Detachment, SAS. Despite disaster on their first mission parachuting into high winds, they regroup on the ground and single handedly end the siege on Tobruk by destroying the Luftwaffe’s air superiority. However Jock, whose ideas formed the basis of the unit, sacrifices himself to save his colleagues on the journey home.”

Learn more about the SAS originals int his video from the BBC:

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Originals.