The Radiant One

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The Radiant One Movie Trailer

The Radiant One MovieHere’s the official trailer of The Radiant One, the latest drama thriller movie directe dby Kristopher Dolphin based on a script he co-wrote with Nick Murphy and starring Dan Shaked, Peyton McDavitt, Lindsey Cruz, Ashlee Grubbs, Toni Blair, Isaac Rhino, Sean Patrick Flaherty, Alexander Dolphin, Karyn Anderson, and Kevin Flaherty:

Plot synopsis:
“Ridley believes he’s harmed his wife, but nothing is quite clear. He turns himself in. The Interrogator questions his legitimacy. Time could be critical. The only way to jog Ridley’s memory is to start from the beginning and navigate through his story, until the point of the alleged conflict. Unsure of what will be revealed, Ridley braces himself to discover himself.”

There’s also a film poster:

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The Radiant One Movie Poster

Is he possessed or crazy?

Release date: already available on VOD now, in select theaters on March 20, 2018.