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The Ritual Movie Trailer

The Ritual MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of The Ritual, the upcoming horror movie directed by David Bruckner from a script by Joe Barton based on the novel by Adam Nevill and starring Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier, Arsher Ali, and Sam Troughton:

Plot synopsis:
“Reuniting after the tragic death of their best friend, four young men set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. When a wrong turn leads them into the ancient forests, they stumble upon an abandoned cabin. Finding the remains of old rites from Norse Legend they discover that some things are better left undisturbed. Something evil lurks in these woods, and it’s stalking their every step.”

There’s also a film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


They should have gone to Vegas.

If you ever go on a hike in an ancient forest take a chain saw along with you: it may well come handy to if had to fight against crazy freaks!

The UK release date of the movie The Ritual is set to October 13, 2017, no official US release date yet.

Stay tuned with us for more details.

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The Ritual

The Ritual
Genre: Horror
Directed by: David Bruckner
Starring: Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier, Arsher Ali, Sam Troughton
Release Date: October 13, 2017

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Watch the official movie trailer of The Ritual below: