The Trees That Bled

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The Trees That Bled Movie

Take a look to the official poster of The Trees That Bled, the upcoming horror movie directed by Victor Wright and Ranjeet S. Marwa based on a script by Victor Wright and Candace Osmond and staring James Jaysen Bryhan, Anthony Ilott, Chris Bain, Warren Hicks, Craig Edwards, Lee Abbate, Toby Cable, and Abigail Wisdom:

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Five teenagers. One serial killer, A satanic cult.

Plot synopsis:
“Five bored teenagers hang out in the woods and meet Philip who shares a dark secret. Fascinated by the story, the kids decide to investigate and find themselves in the midst of a satanic cult and hunted by a serial killer.”

What’s up with that human skull in the background? Damn, actually there are skulls in the tree trunk too!

The release date of the movie The Trees That Bled is set to April 21, 2017.