The Tribe

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The Tribe Movie Trailer

Check out the first official trailer of The Tribe, an upcoming “post-apocalyptic” thriller movie directed by Roxy Shih based on a script by Ian Paxton and Chris Manask and starring Jessica Rothe, Michael Nardelli, Anne Winters, and Cokey Falkow :

Plot synopsis:
“After a global pandemic, few survivors remain in the world. On a remote ranch, three sisters fight to survive in the arid wasteland, equipped with the lessons their father taught them. When strangers in search of refuge come knocking, Sarah (Anne Winters), Jenny (Jessica Rothe) and Danika (Chloe Jones) must fight back against growing intrusions, if they hope to survive. In a world where the lines between friend and enemy are blurred, the sisters struggle to decipher whom they can trust…even among their own family.”

Two earlier posters of the film:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

It’s supposed to be a post-apocalyptic thriller, but well the post-apocalyptic setting of the film feels more like a good old western movie…

Anyway, am curious to see if the little girl will make it out alive.

No official release date yet.