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The Unravelling Movie

The Unravelling movieTake a look to this teaser poster of The Unravelling, the upcoming supernatural thriller movie directed by Douglas MacKinnon based on a script by David L Hamilton:

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The only way out… is in.

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

Plot synopsis:
“It is 1963, the very peak of the wild cultural upheavals of the Sixties, when a straight-laced Harvard Law School jock Andrew Docker returns to his ancestral home in Northern England in order to claim his inheritance.
​Arriving on the wild and desolate moors, he finds that the passing of time has significantly altered all that he remembers from his childhood. In its place he finds a country struggling to keep up with all that is changing around it, an older brother who appears to want him out of the picture…and a fratricidal curse that the locals believe has forced men to kill their own brothers for the last thousand years. Andrew has known about the curse of course – locals have talked about it for years – but what he soon discovers is that not only is the curse real, but HE is the carrier of it.
​Caught in a spiral that will force him to murder his own brother or face being killed himself, Andrew must not only delve deep into the delusions that have tortured him for years, but also physically unravel the very fabric of time. In doing so, he will uncover an alternate reality – an Uberworld – that runs alongside our own but a thousand years in the past; a time when the two great civilizations of the world fought each other in the savage bloodbath of The Crusades.
​Unlike traditional stories of Good vs Evil, Andrew will discover that the only way to conquer the powerful forces is to harness the deep fundamental evil that lies within himself. Indeed, within all of us.”

Am hooked by the plot synopsis of The Unravelling. I totally want to see how the whole thing will turn out. And you?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Unravelling.