The Witch Files

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The Witch Files Movie trailer

The Witch Files MovieCheck out the first official trailer of The Witch Files, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Kyle Rankin based on a script he co-wrote with Larry Blamire:


It’s not a clique, it’s a coven!

It’s a coven, it’s a curse…

Be careful what you witch for!

Plot synopsis:
“A group of marginalized young women form a powerful coven and find they have the ability to grant their every wish. Though they soon realize the danger of messing with powerful forces beyond their control.”

One should definitely think twice before dabbling with witchcraft!

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The Witch Files Movie Poster

Be careful what you witch for.

From the Director of “Infestation” and “Night of the Living Deb“.

The cast includes Holly Taylor, Paget Brewster, Greg Finley, Valerie Mahaffey, Britt Flatmo, Tara Robinson, Stephanie Atkinson, William Bornkessel, Tayla Fernandez, Alice Ziolkoski, Jared Boghosian, Autumn Read, Adrienne Rose White, Rachel Read, Dave Register, Adam LaFramboise, Kat Loef, Sara Friedman, Pamela Chabora, Daniel Noel, Tiffany Howcroft, Dale R. Simonton, Kirsten Flatmo, Jagger Trouant, Eric Dexter, and Nicholas Stewart.

The film has yet to get an official US release date, but it was released on DVD on July 25, 2018 in Australia.

Stay tuned for updates.