Tom Thumb

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Tom Thumb Movie

A teaser poster for Tom Thumb, an upcoming fantasy family comedy movie directed by Julian Kemp:

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The battle for Camelot begins.

Plot synopsis:
“It was a time before legend … a time of war and magic, of princes, of warriors, of sorcerers and the battle between good and evil for supremacy of the world. Herein lies Camelot, King Arthur’s valiant kingdom that has just defeated the sorceress Morgana and the wall of molten fire that is Glaurung thanks to the magical powers of Excalibur and Merlin. With his kingdom now at peace, King Arthur’s much anticipated wedding awaits, but Morgana has her own plans in mind and the only hope for Camelot lies with Tom Thumb – one of Camelot’s tiniest, but most resourceful, athletic, brave and clever citizens.”

No cast announced yet. And the film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Tom Thumb.