Traitor Film Stills

Don Cheadle - TraitorSome stills from the upcoming movie Traitor at:

Traitor Pictures

Don Cheadle has traded in favor of his family, but fortunately for us, he still has the time for a movie once in a while!

Traitor Movie Clips


We have a batch of clips from the upcoming spy / thriller movie Traitor:

Traitor Movie

Chess Game


Samir gets death sentence.

Embassy photos.

Just forget about me!

Samir overpowers Clayton.

Let’s take bets: did Don Cheadle betray his duty and his country or not?

Traitor Official Poster

TraitorThe first official poster of Traitor really focuses on Don Cheadle. You may have a look in a higher resolution at:

Traitor Poster

What about Guy Pearce? Where is he?

Traitor Trailer 2

Don Cheadle is starring in Traitor, an upcoming drama / spy movie about a CIA operative who is suspected of binding with the terrorists. Watch the second Traitor trailer at:

Traitor Second Trailer

The FBI agent in charge of investigating Don Cheadle’s case is Guy Pearce.

Traitor Preview

Traitor is a spy movie directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff. The film is starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce. Two Traitor preview clips wait for you at:

Traitor Preview Clips

You are not a fanatic.

The loyalty of the CIA agent played by Don Cheadle is under the scrutiny of a FBI agent (Guy Pearce).

Traitor First Official Trailer

Traitor is starring the Afro-American actor Don Cheadle.In the movie Traitor Don Cheadle is a US Army Special Forces Engineer Sergeant and Guy Pearce is a FBI agent.

The first official trailer of Traitor is available at:

Traitor Official Trailer

Movies about terrorism are plenty… I hope Hollywood will renew the genre…


Traitor PosterTraitor
Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Starring Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Jeff Daniels
Release Date: August 27, 2008

More Information at: Traitor Trailer