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Trolland Movie trailer

Trolland MovieThe trailer of Trolland, the upcoming animated movie produced by The Asylum, is so bad it’s almost something I could give a try for fun:

Plot synopsis:
“Fenn the Troll hates the Troll pastime of pranking, and is teased so much for it that he runs away. But when a long-suffering park ranger starts capturing the other Trolls, it?s up to Fenn to rescue his family and friends – without pranking.”

The story isn’t that bad, even the voice acting is fine, but damn the animation is awful!

Anyway, there’s also a film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


The secret below your feet.

The film is directed by Ron THORNTON based on a script by Aaron WITLIN, Glenn CAMPBELL, and Tammy KLEIN, and the cast includes Chris DAUGHTRY, Dick Van DYKE, Ja RULE, Jerry O’CONNELL, and Tionne ‘T-Boz’ WATKINS.

No official release date yet.