The movie Wall-E by Disney Pixar: trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Wall-E With Cups – Ready For Las Vegas

Wall-E meets cupsA new charming Wall-E vignette has shown. And it seems that Wall-E is readying himself for a trip to Las Vegas with his friend the cockroach by playing with cups:

Wall-E plays with cups.

Much more at: Wall-E

Funny Wall-E! That’s a movie definitely worth paying for a theater ticket.

Wall-E The Collector And His Friend The Cockroach

Wall-E plays ping pong.Wall-E the compulsive collector is not completely alone on Earth: he has befriended a funny cockroach.


If you haven’t watched the movie yet: hurry to go to your nearest theater, Wall-E is maybe the best Pixar movie so far.

Wall-E Burn-E

Burn-EBurn-E is a Pixar short film that should be attached to the movie Wall-E on the DVD release. Disney Pixar have been kind of secretive about Burn-E: not that much has been unveiled by them so far.

But a / Film reader asserts that Burn-E can be spotted in some Wall-E footage previously released by Disney Pixar.

Burn-E outside of the Axiom - Wall-E MovieAccording to him Burn-E would be a welding robot who gets stuck out of the spaceship Axiom while working outside when a door suddenly locks. The robot then bangs his fist against the door out of frustration.

I think that’s indeed Burn-E: quite a good name for a welder! Besides if you check the robot clip by BuyNLarge, the welding robot is ostensibly missing. And the names of the robots do match their functions:

So I’m even quite sure they got it right and the welder robot in the Wall-E feature film is the mysterious Burn-E.

Get ready for Wall-E !

Update as of November 7, 2008:

The DVD of Wall-E will be released quite soon and the Pixar Blog had an early look at it.

It is now confirmed that Burn-E is indeed the welder robot from the video scene above

Here below some new pictures of Burn-E, the star of this new Pixar short film:

Burn-E is working outside the Starliner.

Burn-E is a robot welder.

Burn-E by Pixar

The Burn-E movie is said to run 7:35 long: more than enough for Pixar to amaze us once more time!

Update as of November 12, 2008:

Guess what: the short film Burn-E by Disney Pixar has leaked online before the official release of the Wall-E DVD. To watch the full Burn-E movie, click below:

–> Watch Burn-E Online

Burn-E is worth watching! I still prefer wall-E though: Burn-E is cute but not as much as Wall-E!

Wall-E New Preview Clips From The Disney Pixar Movie

Wall-E and EveThanks to / film we have some new preview clips of Wall-E the upcoming Disney Pixar movie which will be officially released this friday, June 27:

Wall-E, alone on Earth since quite a long time, has become a compulsive collector!

Wall-E buries himself into the ground to survive to the firing thrusters of Eve’s spaceship which is landing.

Wall-E is hazardously flirting with Eve while showing her some pirate DVD)…

Wall-E gets some make up on his face.

Moe, a cute Chinese-looking cleaning mini robot, wants to take the dirt out of Wall-E’s body.

Watch one more (extended and action-packed) clip of Wall-E at: Wall-E

After 700 hundred years of doing what he was built for – collecting garbage on a dusty planet Earth -, Wall-E is going to discover what he was meant for!

I’m so happy that the release of Wall-E is a few days! Even more impatient than my children to watch it!

Wall-E No Breast But Wear Bras

Wall-E does not have a really strong shoulder. His waist is not really fitted. And his chest is not that much accentuated… But he still need bras, I don’t really understand for what robotic purpose though:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

The Most Advanced robot in the world (loves to wear bras).

More about this upcoming Disney Pixar movie at: Wall-E

More likely he just snapped Eve’s bras!!! Naughty Wall-E! Beware of the advent of the sex-maniac robots! All makes sense if you think about the name of the company in charge of cleaning Earth: it’s Buy-N-Large like an advert for enlarging you know what…

Wall-E Baseball

Wall-E and Eve are two highly advanced robots who are expert at playing baseball:

Wall-E and Eve in a baseball game.

Especially Wall-E who aims at pitching a perfect game:

Wall-E meets baseball.

Much more at: Wall-E

Don’t miss the movie Wall-e which is going to be released this week.

Wall-E Camera

A new charming vignette for Wall-E, upcoming Disney Pixar movie that will be released next week. Cameras can get too close sometimes:

Wall-E meets camera.

Have a look to: Wall-E Preview

Funny Wall-E: that’s a really highly advanced machine! Wonder if it could stand a confrontation with Terminator

Wall-E Sci Fi Trailer

Wall-E love to play with bras!:)A new Wall-E trailer has shown up. This new trailer really put emphasis on the science-fiction side of the upcoming Disney Pixar animated movie. And there is some interesting footage of cities on Earth in 2800.

You may check this new Wall-E trailer at:

Wall-E Final Trailer

Those cities almost in ruin makes me think about the final scene in the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. Really hope that Mankind will be smart enough to avoid such a gloomy destiny to Earth…

Wall-E Football (Soccer)

Wall-E is playing soccer (football).David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane can go learn to play football again: Wall-E outperforms them at football (soccer) quite easily!

Just check Wall-E’s incredible skills in football by yourself:

Wall-E meets football.

Much more at: Wall-E Trailer

I guess more than one coach already want to hire Wall-E!

Wall-E Robot Dance

Wall-E Dancer
When Wall-E is happy or wins a game he has his own winner dance. It’s of course a robot dance:

Wall-E’s Robot Dance

Much more at: Wall-E trailer

Even if Wall-E is a quite good robot dancer he still can’t compare to this fantastic Transformer Citroen car who is expert in robot dancing:

Nonetheless Wall-E could appropriately give a robot dance lesson to Michael Jackson…

By the way you can have your own Wall-E robot dancer at amazon:

Gonna buy one for me!

Wall-E Space Journey In Sound

EveAcamemy Award winning sound designer Ben Burtt has been working part of the team working on Wall-E, upcoming Disney Pixar movie. here below a bind-the-scenes featurette where we may learn more about the making of Wall-E:

A Space Journey In Sound – Wall-E

Wall-E Making Of

Making a movie it’s carrying out an artistic project that require a wide range of skills: amazing!

Wall-E Robots

Wall-E and MOToday must be Wall-E Day: a new featurette has surfaced. It features Director Andrew Stanton talking about the lovely bots in the movie Wall-E:

Wall-E Robots Presented by Andrew Stanton

Disney Pixar has been releasing many vignettes focusing on Wall-E, but vignettes with other robots of the movie would be great! I’m quite sure all of us would really enjoy watching them!

Wall-E Fire Hydrant

Wall-E vs Tricky Fire HydrantA new Wall-E vignette is available. It shows the adorable Wall-E playing with a naughty fire hydrant:

Wall-E meets fire hydrant.

More at: Wall-E Vacuuum, Magnet, Hula Hoop, Headphones, Bouncy Balls and Fire Hydrant Teasers

Can’t get enough of those funny Wall-E teasers from Disney Pixar. Please release more of them until the official release of the animated movie!

Wall-E First Preview

Wall-E using an extinguisher and Eve in the void of space near the spaceship.The first Wall-E preview clip has been unveiled by Disney pixar:

Wall-E Preview Clip

Eve is behaving like Wall-E is a pet at first. But when she sees that her beloved Wall-E may face final destruction: she just feels the desperation of loosing her loved one, and can but try to save Wall-E! That’s so sweet!

Wall-E Basketball NBA

Wall-E plays basketball.Wall-E has been spotted playing basketball during a NBA game a few days ago!

Check the new Wall-E NBA Tv spot here below:

More at: Wall-E

They made a really explosive trailer for Wall-E! Love it!

Wall-E New BuyNLarge Trailer Clip

Funny Wall-EA new trailer clip for Wall-E that fakes a corporate promotion clip from BuyNLarge, a company aiming at cleaning the world while taking care of Mankind in space, is available at:

Wall-E Introduction To The Characters by BuyNLarge

Many robots in this Disney Pixar movie, but my favorite is still Wall-E: he is so cute!

Wall-E And Eve Love For Ever Posters

It’s such a love story between Wall-E and Eve, at least that’s what the marketing team behind Wall-E tries to communicate, look at those sweet new Wall-E posters from Russia:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Wall-E Is Missing Eve!
Wall-E dates Eve. Wall-E loves Eve.

And do’t forget that with Wall-E Love is in the air!

Wall-E Soundtrack List

Eve and Wall-E are in love!Want to know more about the plot of Pixar upcoming movie Wall-E? Then check the soundtrack list of Wall-E and it’s a window wide open on the universe of Wall-E!

You may check the Wall-E soundtrack list at:

Wall-E Soundtrack

Some nice songs in the list. The musical background of Wall-E will make some hearts feel lighter.

Wall-E Love Is In The Air John Paul Young

Love Is In The Air in Wall-E, the upcoming Disney Pixar movie.A new Wall-E clip has shown up on the German site of the movie. You may watch it below:

Wall-E Trailer

The clip uses ‘Love Is In The Air’, a 1978 song by Australian singer John Paul Young, in muscial background. Nice song, I didn’t know about it till Disney Pixar opened my ears with Wall-E. Check this clip of the original song:

Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young

Love is in the air! Everywhere I look around, Love is in the air, Every sight and every sound!

Wall-E Bouncy Balls

Wall-EIn the latest clip of the series of promo vignettes Wall-E meets bouncy balls. And he has a playful time with them:

Wall-E Vacuuum, Magnet, Hula Hoop, Headphones And Bouncy Balls Teasers

I love to watch those vignettes from Pixar upcoming movie: they are so funny!

Wall-E And Eve Are Just Two Robots In Love

Wall-E is the latest CGI animated movie by Disney Pixar. It features a cute little robot, last of his kind which was dedicated to clean the surface of the Earth. But Wall-E won’t be alone anymore. He is going to meet a new love interest, a ‘female’ robot call Eve:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
Wall-E Russian Poster

Much more at: Wall-E Poster

Those two robots are really adorable! I would be so happy if I had a robot like Wall-E.

Wall-E New Posters

Here below somenew posters for Wall-E, upcoming Disney Pixar CGI animated movie:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Much More at: Wall-E

Those Wall-E posters are really nice. So nice that it makes me think: think twice before bringing your children to see Wall-E: it may cost you a lot when they will ask you to buy a life-size remote-controlled replica of Wall-E for next Christmas…

Wall-E More Pictures

More pictures from Wall-E, the upcoming CG animated featuring a cute robot who’s gonna discover what he is meant for!
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Much more at: Wall-E

Do you think that Ever and Wall-E are going to make some baby robots together?
I think if they do, the children would not be as great as the parents, probably they would like this:
For the sake of the robothood let’s pray for Wall-E and Eve not to indulge in the metal sin!

Wall-E 4 Pictures

Four more pictures from, upcoming Disney Pixar movie:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Trailers of the movie, vignettes and much more at: Wall-E

I wonder how long we will have to wait before artificial intelligence is advanced enough to make a robot with such a personality… I hope not too long…

Wall-E New Pictures

A batch of new Wall-E pictures are available at:

Wall-E Pictures

Do you want your personal Wall-E for next Christmas you too?

Wall-E Headphones

A new Wall-e vignette teaser is available. It features the cute Wall-E enjoying some good music through headphones:

Much more on: Wall-E

Looks like Wall-E wants to use those headphones as bras at first though…
Naughty little robot!

Wall-E Hula Hoop Vignette

A new vignette featuring Wall-E playing with a hula hoop has been released:

Wall-E Meets Hula Hoop.

More teaser vignettes are available on: Wall-E

It goes without saying that such a cute robot can but conquer the hearts of movigoers!
Disney and Pixar have created a marvelous character!

Wall-E New Widget

You may grab a Wall-E widget for your site at:

Wall-E Widget

This Wall-E widget has been really well built.

Wall-E Second TV Spot

Watch the second TV spot of Wall-E, upcoming Pixar movie:

More on: Wall-E

I wonder if Pixar will one day make a movie with human heroes..

Wall-E Magnet Vignette

A new Wall-E vignette has been released by Disney & Pixar. It features Wall-E trying to free himself from the sticky presence of a naughty magnet.

You may watch this Wall-E teaser on:

Wall-E Magnet

A robot having a playful time with a magnet: only Pixar can have such ideas and succeed to make them funny and interesting to watch!

Wall-E Three More Posters

Three more posters for Wall-E,upcoming Pixar CG-animated movie:
(click on a picture to enlarge it)

Wall-E Trailer

I think this movie is going to be cult: such a cute robot can but make a blockbuster!

Wall-E Director Andrew Stanton Loves This Movie

Pixar movie director Andrew Stanton – yeap, Andrew Staton and not Adam Stanton like we wrongly wrote before, thanks for the correction mb1000 ;) – loves the work that has been done with Wall-E. A great movie according to him and I’m more than likely to agree with him.

Wall-E Plot Featurette

Stanton says about Wall-E that he is a romantic robot. I would say more: Wall-E is a cute little romantic robot!

Wall-E Bloodline TV Spot

Check the bloodline of Wall-E, upcoming Pixar movie:

Wall-E TV Spot

This little robot is so cute! I want one like this for my birthday!

Wall-E New Full Trailer

Wall-EA full trailer has been released for Wall-E, upcoming movie from Pixar.

You may watch it on:

Wall-E Full trailer

I’m confident that this movie is gonna be damned good! Longife to Pixar!

Wall-E Cute Posters

Wall-E Final PosterThe posters for Pixar’s upcoming animated movie, Wall-E, are as cute as Wall-E himself.

Check by yourself on:

Wall-E Posters

I especially like the one featuring Wall-E on a white background!

Wall-E New Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Wall-E.

You may watch it on:

Wall-E Trailer with Eve

For the first time we may see Eve, the space robot Wall-E falls in love with!


Wa-E PosterWall-E
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

Release Date: June 27, 2008

More Information at:

Wall E