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Adrien Brody Wrecked Trailer

Wrecked movieActor Adrien Brody got the lead role in Wrecked, an upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Michael Greenspan. Watch the latest movie trailer of Wrecked below:

Wrecked Trailer


Adrien Brody stars as a man who awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. Injured and trapped inside, with no memory of how he got there or who he is, he must rely on his most primal instincts to survive. But as he attempts to free himself from the carnage and escape an impossible situation, a darker side is revealed. Even if he manages to survive, the man may have to face the horrible consequences of an earlier, forgotten life.

The film will be released in theaters on April 1, 2011.

Wrecked Movie Trailer

Wrecked MovieWe’ve got our hands on the first official movie trailer of Wrecked, an upcoming drama thriller movie directed by Michael Greenspan and starring Adrien Brody:

Wrecked Trailer


Imagine you woke up not knowing where you are, who you are or what you’ve done

When you mind is a mystery
you can survive the wilderness
but you can’t escape your past?

memory, fantasy, truth, lies, victim, suspect

The hardest condition to overcome is the human one.

“A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.”

Wrecked kind of looks like Adrien Brody’s Buried. But I still want to watch it: I wouldn’t like to miss Adrien’s Brody’s incredible performance in the movie Wrecked!


Wrecked MovieWrecked
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Directed by: Michael Greenspan
Starring: Adrien Brody, Ryan Robbins, Caroline Dhavernas, Adrian Holmes, Jacob Blair
Release Date:TBA 2011

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