Year of The Fish

The movie Year of the Fish: trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Year of The Fish Director David Kaplan

Year of the Fish

Director David Kaplan talks about his upcoming movie at:

Year of The Fish David Kaplan Interview

This interview made by bigfanboy is a must see for its honesty!

Year of the Fish Movie Pictures

Year of the FishDirector David has been working on year of the Fish, a really colorful movie set in Mew York’s Chinatown. It is a rotoscoped movie, hence the blend of reality and animation. You may check a batch of pictures from the film at:

Year of the Fish Pictures

Do you think the carp is still alive once the film had been produced? Or was it cooked?

Year of the Fish Aquarium Poster

Year of the FishI really like the poster of Year of the Fish, upcoming rotoscoped movie directed by David Kaplan.

Year of The Fish Poster

If I may dare a bold statement, I would say that the blue of this poster seems inspired by Russian artist painter Wassily Kandinsky!

Year of the Fish Trailer Listen To The Magic Carp!

Magical Carp in Year Of The FishTwo trailers of Year Of The Fish, upcoming rotoscoped movie directed by David Kaplan, are available at:

Year of The Fish Carp Trailers

The trailers are narrated by a magic carp!

Year of the Fish Teaser Trailer

The sorcerer in Year of the FishWant to know what is rotoscoping? Then check the trailer of Year of the Fish at:

Year of the Fish Official Trailer

In Year of the Fish, Cinderella is a Chinese girl lost in a massage parlor in the heart of New York’s Chinatown…

Year of The Fish

Year of The Fish PosterYear of The Fish
Directed by David Kaplan
Starring Tsai Chin, Ken Leung, Randall Duk Kim
Release Date: Date

More Information at: Year of The Fish Trailer