Mr Popper’s Penguins – Meet the penguins!

Meet Mr Popper’s Penguins:

Bitey’s chief tools are her teeth which she often enjoys using on some poor unsuspecting person’s leg… especially Mr Popper’s!
Captain has serious skills and now, maybe she’s ready to go where no penguin has gone before… airborne!
Her favorite sports are football, and slipping-and-sliding on her belly… A skill Loudy was pretty much born with.
Lovey is most proud of the fact that he’s about to become a dad… Times three!
If you like your penguins lovable, free-spirited, and most of all, clumsy, then Nimrod is your guy.
You can always count on Stinky… Just don’t get too close to him after he’s had a big meal.

The summer movie season’s first live-action family comedy event stars Jim Carrey, whose chilly relationship with his family heats up after he inherits six adorable, lovable and mischievous penguins.
Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, young Tommy Popper looks forward to the moments when, on his tiptoes to reach a ham radio in his bedroom, he can talk to his world-traveling father. Years later, Tommy is now Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey), a highly successful real estate developer in Manhattan. Amicably divorced from Amanda (Carla Gugino), with two children (Madeline Carroll and Maxwell Perry Cotton) he sees on alternate weekends, Mr. Popper lives the life of luxury in his ultra-modern Park Avenue apartment and is well on his way to becoming partner at his prestigious firm. That is, until the morning a final gift from Popper’s late father, a souvenir from Antarctica, arrives in a crate at Popper’s front door.
Inside the wooden box, nestled amongst ice packs, is a two-foot tall penguin with bright orange feet. Not a toy penguin, or a stuffed bird from the taxidermist, as Popper at first assumes, but a real, live penguin, who scampers across Popper’s floor and emits loud honks. Eager to be rid of this wild creature, Popper contacts every city and state agency imaginable, but no one is willing to take a pet penguin. His call to Antarctica to try to ship the bird back instead results in the arrival of another five penguins at Popper’s door.
As he gets acquainted with – and increasingly attached to – his winged roommates, Popper’s life quickly unravels: his swanky New York apartment is turned into a snowy winter wonderland, the deal he’s long been working on is derailed, and he almost lands in jail. But thanks to his new charges, Popper comes to understand the importance of family – human and otherwise.

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