Narnia 3 Clip

Narnia 3 MovieYou may watch below three preview clips of Narnia 3, aka The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:

Narnia 3 Trailer

Voyage of the Dawn Treader – The adventure begins

Narnia 3 – Greedy Eustace

Narnia 3 – Sea of Lilies

Plot of Narnia 3:
“Lucy and Edmund Pevensie return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.”

I’d love to sail on the Sea of lilies!

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie, the third installment in the Chronicles of Narnia movie series, is set to hit theaters on December 10, 2010.

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