Narnia 4 The Silver Chair Movie

Narnia 4 was initially set to be an adaptation of “The Magician’s Nephew”. But now that Walden Media is no longer attached to the franchise, C.S. Lewis’s estate has decided that the next Narnia movie will actually be based on “The Silver Chair”.

Narnia 4 The Silver Chair Movie Trailer

Narnia 4 MovieFor those who haven’t read the Silver Chair, the story takes place years after Voyage of The Dawn Treader. The book follows Eustace (played in Dawn Treader by Will Poulter) and classmate Jill Pole: they are called back to Narnia by the godly lion Aslan on a mission to help the King Caspian (previously played by Ben Barnes) find his missing son.

Will Poulter looked like an annoying young boy in Narnia 3, I didn’t like him much back then… but he’s now 20 years old, and he looks more like a young man. Saw him in the comedy movie We’re the Millers and I must admit he was funny. So I’d be glad to see him reprising his role as Eustace.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about Narnia 4 The Silver Chair!

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