National Treasure 3 Film

National Treasure 3 MovieScriptwriters Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro (who wrote the scripts of Prince of Persia and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice) have been hired to pen the script of National Treasure 3. The third movie in the National Treasure movie franchise will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Jon Turteltaub. Nicolas Cage will most likely reprise his role as Benjamin Gates.

National Treasure 3 Trailer

No word yet about the plot, but since Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will be about the Fountain of Youth, I guess that the story National Treasure 3 will revolve around something else.

Page 47 National Treasure 3 Movie

And from the second film, when Ben gates and the President talk about Page 47 of the book of secrets, it will have to deal about something that’s life changing! Any clue or suggestion maybe?

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  1. Shayna

    The movie is going to be about Atlantis. That’s all I can tell you.

  2. Paul Roughley

    HAS National treasure 3 been released yet ? if not anyone got any idea when ? the first 2 were brilliant and all the actors in both did a great job

  3. Bill

    it will probably be about atlantis and btw, its page 47 not 42

  4. Vic

    By virtue of Ben Gates conversation with the President at the end of the 2nd movie, the 3rd movie is clearly going to revolve around “Area 51.” Count on it!

    • auto

      no i heard that they didnt want it to revolve around area 51 because it was to sci-fi or somethin like that.. but i could be wrong who knows.. just gotta wait for the first trailer :)

  5. Cameron

    was just looking through my mail and in a magazine it said that the 3rd was currenty in production

  6. Arel

    The clue may have been the page number (47)…possibly 1947, the year of the Roswell crash and the start of Area 51. But that’s not really considered a “national treasure”.

  7. JB

    It was page 47, not 42.

  8. Cookielisious

    In the words of “Riley Poole” Not to be a *Nudge* But I through. NATIONAL TREASURE 3… Was originally going to be about the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH…. But I dnt think it would have anything to do with the ATLANTIS OR AREA 51…. Only because it was spoken off… in National Treasure 3.. And no Hints were leaked out in #1 For. The city of gold…. I do believe. #3 would. Be based on the ROANOKE COLONY…. Only because in #2 the president asked gates about page 47… and I quote Gates said; It would be life altering and what could be more life. Altering. Than That …. But personally. I am curious. To know what ever happened. To this missing minutes ot the “WATER GATE TAPES” Now THATS A MYSTERY ……

  9. tetesa

    It could be about area 51 .but to science first. And it has to be a national treasure. Black beard s gold. The missing colony. Who knows.but what ever they come up with it will be life altering. He says.

  10. diane

    The third film in the series, probably about how the Statue of Liberty is really a secret entrance to a cave filled with unbelievable riches. i got these from starseeker.

  11. Jas

    It’s page 47 … :)

  12. michelle

    Welll, its been three years since this article and no #3. Truly disappointed :(

  13. STEVE

    just to let you all know it’s about the fountain of youth, that is life altering

  14. Phil

    It’s not the fountain of youth. The Pirates Of The Caribbean The Fountain Of Youth Will be coming out soon. It’s going to have something to do with a president as the first two were. The first one was about the Declaration Of Independence and the second one was about President Abraham Lincoln. So the third one will also have to do about a president maybe even president JFK. Or the missing Watergate tapes. Or any other Presidential conspiracy theories. Who know’s for sure at this point. All I do know is that it will be good.