National Treasure 3 Page 47

National Treasure 3 Movie Page 47Benjamin Gates said the content of Page 47 of the book of Secrets (a book kept by US presidents for US presidents’ eyes only) was ‘life-altering. Well we going to know what’s on that famous page in National Treasure 3

National Treasure 3 Trailer

We were asked to start there [when writing the third film], so that is where we’ll start. The plan is to start from what’s on Page 47. The idea of the Book of Secrets is spectacular. It’s a great idea. The second movie sort of introduced it and used it as the center of the movie, so it is smart to make the third movie ‘okay, what treasure hunt will come out of the book of secrets’, which is kind of what the end of the movie started.

Scriptwriters Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard

Heard that the movie National Treasure 3 would take place in Europe.

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