Neil Gaiman Coraline Movie Poster

Coraline, a novel for children and adults written by Neil Gaiman (Novel), is being adapted to the cinema under the direction of Henry Selick. The animated movie should be released in early February 2009. Check below the latest official poster for the movie Coraline:

Coraline Movie Trailer

Coraline Movie based on a novel by Neil Gaiman
Be careful what you wish for…


The movie Coraline is about a young girl who get into some world via a secret door in her flat: this world somehow mirrors her own reality, but with a twisted evil mother whose hobby is to collect souls…

3 Responses - “Neil Gaiman Coraline Movie Poster”

  1. Jessi

    I loved this book! it was my fave back in elementary school, i did a project on it! can’t wait to c it!!

  2. John

    No wonder they have button eyes! Neil Gaiman was raised in the Scientology cult and this plays like his Freudian repressed memories. The really creepy thing is that Gaiman probably sat through a zillion auditing sessions while his Scientology parents tried to turn him into a zombie! I hope he gets out one day.

  3. alex

    dear john,

    i hope you’re being sarcastic. that’s all i have to say.