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Neuromancer MovieDirector Vincezo Natali (who brought us Splice) is going to helm Neuromancer, a movie adaptation of William Gibson’s cult sci-fi novel, it has been confirmed by Producer Peter Hoffman:

Neuromancer Trailer

“We are very excited to be working with Prodigy Pictures and to have Vincenzo as the head of the Neuromancer team. After seeing his work, especially his cutting edge use of effects with Splice, we feel that he has both the story telling ability and the command of the visual medium to give this film the treatment it deserves. In Vincenzo’s hands we think Neuromancer will realize William Gibson’s extraordinary vision of the future while being a big draw at the box office.”

Producer Peter Hoffman

Here’s a synopsis of Neuromancer:

“Neuromancer tells the story of Case, an out-of-work computer hacker hired by an unknown patron to participate in a seemingly impossible crime. The novel examines the concepts of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, multinational corporations overpowering the traditional nation-state, and cyberspace long before these ideas became fashionable in popular culture.”

What actor would you hire to play the role of Case the hacker?

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  1. Vambot6

    Splice was well done, so if the same guy will be working on Neuromancer it shouldn’t reek TOO bad, however, if the feel of the book and its genius components are traded in for pop gimmicks, I’ll be upset, and so will an entire horde of fans. They ought to choose a good Molly, because she’s a complex character, only understood by those who have read all the Sprawl books. If they just have some talentless model play her as a spineless, smile and be sexy movie gimmick, I ought to assassinate the film crew. Hope the movie turns out well, or they should change the name from Neuromancer, to FecalMaster. As for Case, they need to find an actor who can actually play the part of a non ultra-conceited I’m so cool typical action movie hero. They ought to pick someone who can act like Case, not a typical movie hero. Better not eff up such an incredible story.

  2. J

    “The first of the holos waited just beyond the curve, a sort
    of triptych. She lowered the fletcher before Case had had time
    to realize that the thing was a recording. The figures were
    caricatures in light, lifesize cartoons: Molly, Armitage, and
    Case. Molly’s breasts were too large, visible through tight black
    mesh beneath a heavy leather jacket. Her waist was impossibly
    narrow. Silvered lenses covered half her face. She held an
    absurdly elaborate weapon of some kind, a pistol shape nearly
    lost beneath a flanged overlay of scope sights, silencers, flash
    hiders. Her legs were spread, pelvis canted forward, her mouth
    fixed in a leer of idiotic cruelty. Beside her, Armitage stood
    rigidly at attention in a threadbare khaki uniform. His eyes,
    Case saw, as Molly stepped carefully forward, were tiny mon-
    itor screens, each one displaying the blue-gray image of a
    howling waste of snow, the stripped black trunks of evergreens
    bending in silent winds.
    She passed the tips of her fingers through Armitage’s tele-
    vision eyes, then turned to the figure of Case. Here, it was as
    if Riviera — and Case had known instantly that Riviera was
    responsible — had been unable to find anything worthy of par-
    ody. The figure that slouched there was a fair approximation
    of the one he glimpsed daily in mirrors. Thin, high-shouldered,
    a forgettable face beneath short dark hair. He needed a shave,
    but then he usually did.”

    -This excerpt says it all….I would hope that Case be cast using an ‘unknown’ of relatively non-descript appearance. I’m sure that this is how most readers visualise the character. Perhaps the author should be involved in the casting process?

  3. Silence

    William Gibson should definitely be involved In the movie or they will mess it up. If Keanu reeves hadn’t been in the matrix he would of been a good Case unfortunately he can’t be used anymore for that reason his Neo now not Case but he would of made a good case.

    • Lupus Y

      Keanu was also Johnny in the horrible film adaptation of the brilliant William Gibson short story Johnny Nemonic so he’s already been there done that……. Badly. Not his fault really, he wasn’t the director, but still…….

  4. Bryday27

    Keannu would be a great Bobby Newmark, but could not pull off Case. Case needs to be a pallor shade of benzo/phenaline/amphetamine hangover found in the rain soaked newspaper gutter behind Zone’s club. A heroinely skinnied Daniel Craig adaptation like from the animated film Renaissance, but not Craig. Maybe Ewan MacGregor, or Liam Neeson, though Neeson may be a tad old… Molly…. The first face that comes to mind would be Charlize Theron due to her role as aeon flux, but i wouldn’t be able to get flux out of my head the whom time… Someone along the lines of a Carrie Anne Moss but not trinity…. I don’t know, but I hope they dont screw any of it up, I would and my vision of that perfectly crafted universe would be shattered…

  5. Steve

    Seen the image with this article. Looks like a MAD magazine cartoon. Do better please!!! The Chinese ideograms should be Tokyo kanji. And what’s with the roadworks boards? Case looks like a skater holding his board. Please give this gig to Ridley! Pretty please!!!!

  6. Ron

    What actor would you hire to play the role of Case the hacker?

    Karl Urban. He has the range as an actor to pull this one off. Imagine him in a bladerunner type movie…… yes please.