Never Let Me Go Movie Trailer

Never Let Me Go MovieNever Let Me Go is an upcoming sci-fi drama thriller movie directed by Mark Romanek and based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same name. The cast includes Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Sally Hawkins, and Charlotte Rampling. The film should be released on October 1, 2010. Here’s the first official movie trailer of Never Let me Go:

“An alternate history story of a woman who, as she reflects on her private school years in the English countryside, reunites with her two friends to face the dark secrets buried in their communal past. With no contact or knowledge of the outside world during their years at the boarding school, they discover they are clones, born and raised for the sole purpose of providing organs for transplants.”

I have mixed feelings for the movie Never let me Go… On one hand the story is definitely interesting. But on the other hand the premise is both horrible and dumb, come on, the word clone is just a fancy name for younger twin! If you are human then your twin, your clone, can be but human and have a soul too! So that boarding school, which is actually an organ farm, is just plain wrong and horrible… And I really doubt that any country would allow the creation of such a barbaric institution.

Anyway, the movie Never Let Me Go still looks like a movie worth watching.

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  1. Kumar Abhishek

    The novel on which the movie is based is very good. The idea definitely is horrible and dystopic but I am very hopeful for the movie. The story explores the moral dilemma of a society involved in human-cloning and organ harvesting. Lets wait and see…

  2. Marcus

    Looks like an INTELLIGENT version of “The Island” minus the sexy suit and Bey Explotions.

    I’ll see it

  3. Mary

    It is possibly true that not all humans born have a human soul. It is my understanding from interviews with people who do energy work and work with Divine light have said this… there are many reasons why a human would not have a human soul… usually a karmic reason. However all living creatures have an energetic resonance so that if it feels wrong to clone your dog or cat simply to harvest the cloned organs then it would also be wrong to clone humans for the same reason. A human without a human soul, would not be evil but would have the same capacity to feel love and/or loyalty as the animals do and yes they do.

    • Teaser Trailer

      @Mary: To assert that some humans may have no soul is like giving as free hand to would-be mass murderers craving for genocides (“Let’s kill all those soulless people!” or “We can enslave those people, they have no soul”)… But no need to argue further that concept of soulless people is just pure bullshit, come on you can’t believe that… ;-)

      • Iproxy

        energy work… divine light… show me proof. the problem with those charlatans is that they never apply scientific rigor. And as for the plausibility of this dystopian future, never underestimate how much money and a fear of death can acomplish.

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