New Clip of Frozen

Frozen ClipHere’s a new clip of Frozen thanks to AMC:

Frozen – Lights turn off

Thinking about something: can’t they make a kind of rope from their clothes in order to escape from that chairlift?

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  1. Tanya

    I know something like this is not possible but probable. I mean what kind of ski resort would not make 100% sure that all of the chairlifts are empty?? In real life, something like this is very unlikely to happen. Ski Resorts should and must make sure that all ski chairlifts are empty before shutting everything down for the night, or in this case, for the week, until the following week. I should know because I do go skiing at a particular resort, and I know for a fact that they for sure would never forget to do what they are payed to do. In any case, you should at all times have a phone with you. That is just common sense right there.