New Moon Birthday Party

There is a party for Bella’s 18th birthday at the Cullens’ house, but she clumsily cut herself and blood is spilled in front of the vampire family… Jasper, overwhelmed by his blood hunger, springs to attack her, but fortunately the other vampires are still behaving and hinder Jasper from having a blood fest on Bella’s body. Here some pictures from the New Moon birthday party:

New Moon Trailer

New Moon – Birthday Party

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This sad event prompt the Cullens to leave Forks for Bella’s safety. So they get away from the city, leaving Bella heartbroke and lonely… But Jacob understands there is here an opportunity to seize:
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We may think that one man’s loss is another man’s gain… But thanks to the complexity of love (and this is no spoiler), Bella and Edward shall find each other again at the end of the movie New Moon.

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