New Moon Movie in Italy

The Twilight Saga New Moon MovieThe first Twilight movie may have been a low-budget adaptation, but the new film will get more financial support: Summit Entertainment is indeed allocating more cash to the production of this Twilight sequel following the box-office success of the first film. The production team will even be able to shoot a few scenes of the movie New Moon in Italy, in Europe. We’ve got confirmation thanks to Italian movie site Bataste:

“Eagle Pictures just announced a contest in which 2 Italian fans can win a chance to visit the set. So it’s now confirmed: part of the movie will be set in our country. Currently there is no word if Summit will shoot in Volterra (where some scenes of the book take place), but it will be announced soon.”

Andrea from Badtaste

I bet many fans of Twilight will claim to be Italian just to be entitled to enlist in this contest!

I hope that this is not just a move for the production team to have some holiday abroad, and that they will really shoot some nice scenes of New Moon in Volterra: the old city looks quite beautiful.

Volterra in Italy

The movie New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009. So get ready for this second opus of the Twilight Saga!

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  1. Pam

    I am So tired of reading about how Kristen thinks the fans are foolish and how she mocks the movie, actors and fans. I wish she weren’t in New Moon or the following movies. I think she is too insipid for the role.

  2. rachelb77

    It’s true that you/we are all entitled to our own opinions, which is why you should feel comppletely justified in speaking your opinion about Kristen Stewart playing Bella. You fall into that cagtegory of people who love Edward/Rob Pattinson so much that no actress will be good enough. No actress will “love” him the way you think Stephenie Meyer meant in the books or the way you feel you love him. Well, chill out! It’s a story, a wonderfully whimsical, tame vampire teenie boppper love story. Don’t be so offensive and negative. Leave Kristen alone and let her do her job. She was chosen and I personally believe she is doing great, so are all the other cast members!

  3. Concerned Fan

    Hi Everyone!! The Trailers look great! I just wanted to ask if anyone noticed that there is an enourmous flaw in the Twilight movie!! Since in the 1st movie, Harry clearwater is killed by Victoria, James, and Laurant…How willl the story line of the New moon movie be effected?? In the book: When Edward calls Bella and Jacob answers and tells him, “charlie’s at the funeral” — Jacob is telling him about Harry’s funeral(he dies of heartattack)…but then Edward decides to go to the Volturi b/c HE thinks it’s Bella’s funeral. How can this ever be fixed?? Just wanted to throw that out there.

    -Concerned Fan

    btw–if anyone bring this to the attention of Seth or StephMeyer and have them post something in regards to this flaw on her website it would be of much relief. Thank you!!

  4. Melanie

    To Concerned Fan: FYI. The character that was killed in the first movie by James, Laurent and Victoria was Waylon Forge. It wasn’t Harry Clearwater.

  5. dana

    can i just say that what kristen said was blown out of proportion… the media are jerks… get a life people! no one could play bella better then her! just like the other cast members.. everyone picks on her because she’s with edward.. if she played alice no one would care what she said.. so just enjoy the movie’s and books and get over it!!

  6. Sarah

    Honestly, what Kristen Stewart said about the whole ordeal was EXACTLY what something Bella Swan would have said…that’s why she makes such a PERFECT Bella. She’s exactly who I thought of to play the role when I read the book the first time it came out…because of her role in Speak. She’s such a serious actress. She’s still fresh and not ruined by the media that I couldn’t even think of anyone else to play the role.

    Most movie’s based on books are so trashed by the people playing the roles, but I think the cast for twilight was on the dot. And you can say what you want about the movie on here, but I guarentee you were one of the one’s waiting outside the movie theatre the night it came out…and outside of the stores waiting the night the movie was released to buy.

    Anyways, thanks for your opinions, but really you just proved to everyone how close-minded you are about other people. By the way, don’t always believe what the media puts on Magazines. When has everything been 100% true??

    =] Can’t wait for New Moon to come out. I’m sure it will be great.

  7. lena

    Kristen is cute, adorable rocker chick. I think she is an okay actor and seems kool as hell as a person. Maybe she just doesnt want to be annoyed by all the dramatic people who think she is or isnt Playing Bella well, and all you diots that compare her to Bella. SHE IS NOT BELLA! SHE ONLY PLAYS BELLA! No one can ever be Bella, thats alot to live up to especially because we all have different ideas of who Bella is. Kristen did ok and I’m glad they cast her!

  8. Renae

    I agree With lena. Kristen Stewart played a great role in twilight and she’s a great, inspirational character! she and Rob had major chemistry on the set and i’m hoping to see it in the rest of the Twilight movies!

  9. jennifer

    okay i love the books! i am a huge fan and i have read all four books numerous times, but i will disagree about bella (kristin) and edward(rob) having chemistry because i was so excited for the movie to come out , but then when i was sitting there watching it, they acting like they have never even met in their lives. There is more chemistry in the books then there is on screen. I am also getting so tired of hearing and reading about negative stuff that the main stars of the movies are saying. If you have not read the books then i encourage you to do so, and i am just hoping they don’t rush this one and make it a masterpiece just like the book. :D

  10. Not Harry

    In the movie its not Harry that gets killed… it’s Waylen.

  11. jade


    does anyone know where i can find the official trailer of the new moon movie
    I can’t find it

    thank you all in advance.

    You might want to read the comments before you answer cause like 3 people told “concerned fan” that it was walyon forge not harry clearwater who died in the first movie. way to put someone down.

  12. kazy

    what I really think is that Kristen Stewart should not be bella: she is not good enough to play the character…

  13. Melissa

    Wether or not we think she is good enough is not the issue. Kristen Stewart is a great actress. Does she portray Bella as well as she could. I think she could of done better in Twilight, but everyone has to remember that they were so short on time and money that they filmed certain scenes in five minutes. That doesn’t give much time for preparation.

  14. Alix

    Why is everyone getting angry over bella? i thought she did great, and no one should criticize her, because i doubt any of you could do any better. so shut your mouths, and get on with your lives. it’s rude to sit here and criticize her. so grow up! she did the best she could. and that’s it. so leave it at that.

  15. Bella

    When she played bella it was a bit dramatic, but after a while, she just seems to fit so well with the description of Bella in the book. I’m sure after the first movie, all the actors will be more into their character then the first. I’m loving the Book more, but it is good to have it all played out in the big cinemas :)

  16. lisa

    hello! Kristen Stewart is awesome and recently she said, “these fas are so supportive and great and really excited and i’m happy they are here” so shut your trap about her saying they are morons do you believe everything you get second hand? i actually saw and heard her say that sentence i wrote. if you don’t see or here here say it how do you know?

  17. well

    Well… I vote everyone just shuts the hell up about Kristen. I would like to see you try to do what she does, and deal with the media and people writing about her on websites like these.

  18. Sparlkechic

    It’s all good! Acting, book, casting,and everthing in between. Most entertaiment I have had in years. Just sit back and enjoy.

  19. Mrs. D.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have read all four books and I can not wait until all four movies come out. The characters they have are the perfect characters for the parts they are playing. I suggested that NO one be replace. I just wish that the movies are as good as the books are. I was very happy with the ending also. PERFECT!

    For those who think that Kristen did not do a good job. Don’t have good taste in character, I believe she done a great job and no one else is perfect for the part. They did justice when they pick her for the part of Bella and Robert for the part of Edward. Harry Potter doesn’t stand a chance next to TWILIGHT. I will always pick Twilight over Harry Potter. Once you all read all 4 books you will have the same feelings I am having. Twilight is the movie.

  20. Chelle

    I saw the movie first then read all four books in one week. The movie, I thought, was okay… the books, however, were fantastic. If you’ve watched the DVD and heard the director’s comments, well, that would explain the quality of the first film (Not to mention the low budget). I thought the charachters in the movie were on target with the book. Soooo looking forward to New Moon!

  21. dazzlinangel

    i am really looking forward to watching new moon and the rest of the saga. kristen and robert are perfect for the parts of edward and bella, the chemistry was there and they played their characters perfectly. i would not believe what the papers say about kristen or robert because the papers are well known for twisting peoples words and making up stuff. i do not believe that robert has a b.o issue, i think robert is a really sweet guy and deserves better than the load of gossip going around about him. i think people should just back off the pair of them and let them do their job.

  22. I'veBeenBroken

    I could not agree with you more. Any actress would have been better than Kristen Stewart for the part of Bella. It’s too bad Hollywood doesn’t do away with “stars” who are so obviously & blatenly ungrateful to the fans that are their bread & butter.

  23. Mrs. D.

    I am so tired of everyone hating on Kristen Stewarts, she is the perfect person to play Bella. The chemistry between her and Edward (Robert) is perfect. When the writers decided to put them two together was the best thing that could happen to the movie. So for all those haters out there just leave Kristen Stewart alone. Kristen is the perfect Bella and that’s why she is playing the part. If you are having issue’s with Kristen Stewart playing the part no one is making you watch the movie. All the characters that are playing their roles are the perfect ones for the role. I would not want anyone to be changed on the movie. Everyone’s part fit them and they made the right choice in choosing characters.

  24. Stephany

    Just to let everyone know.
    the NEW MOON trailer will be released on August 14th.
    Rob and Kris are to be filming in Italy this month.

    these actors did get me to read the series. they are people just like the rest of us. We may not always like them but they are there and we just have to deal with them.

    Ps………….I LOVE ROB AND KRIS. *kisses*

  25. Kirsty

    harry clearwater didnt die in twilight (movie) that was a made up character wth?