New Moon Movie

Twilight New MoonSummit Entertainment has announced the release date of the movie New Moon, sequel to Twilight: New Moon is tentatively scheduled for a release on November 20, 2009.

Much more information at:

–> New Moon Movie in November 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be back respectively as Edward and Bella. But Summit Entertainment has decided to replace Director Catherine Hardwicke with Chris Weitz.

Now they can indeed afford a more expensive director: the first Twilight movie was real gold for the production company.

As long as Stephenie Meyer keeps scrutinizing the development of the movie New Moon, there is no need to worry about the change for the fans.

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  1. Shelby

    but didn’t they replace Taylor Lautner with Michael Copon? Because if they did I will not see New Moon even if New Moon happens to be my all time favorite Book!

  2. Anne

    Yes, they did. Wait, is that the other guy then they did well: they kinda had 2 because Taylor Lautner looked too young so they had to get someone who looked older…

  3. kristine

    Well I thought Emmett looked hot even though you didn’t see him very much, don’t you think so?

  4. mere

    actually, I just read on a reliable site they DID sign Taylor Lautner to the next movie ( I read this a few days ago), he is going to work out and they are planning on using some digital enhancements too…. =)

  5. BiBi

    Hey guys, I am a massive fan of the Twilight world!
    I live in South Africa, so you will all have seen the movie when we get to experince it, I wish I knew more about the New Moon Movie, but it really bugs me that they want to replace Taylor, he did a really great job and it would really s**k if they replaced him!

  6. Shelby

    Well that’s understandable that they think hes too young but I hate it when they replace people.

    yea Emmett was good looking, honestly they picked a perfect cast except I think they could have done a way better job if they casted someone else as Bella because I don’t think Kristen Stewart has good acting skills to be able to be Bella.

  7. Jessie

    I hope that they don’t replace Talyor. i’m gonna go check it out on the official site.

  8. Ms.cullen

    I am totally team Edward but I agree, Taylor is my vision of Jacob and he is perfect for the part. I think he cast was awesome!

  9. Tina

    Hey my name is Justina and i live in the Bahamas. I am a really BIG fan of the twilight movie and can’t wait for new moon.

    I don’t agree with them to replace Taylor Lautner because he did a very good job and it shouldn’t matter if he looks too young, in my opinion changing a character makes no sense, the fans already know him as Jacob.

    They did a very good job of choosing the actors especially Robert and Kristen they fit the parts of Bella and Edward so well and they look good on set together. Emmit is really good looking, everyone fits their character so well.


  10. Melly

    I agree completely, they could have found someone better for Bella, I did not imagine her to be anything like Kristen Stewart. But I LOVE their pick for Edward! (^_^)

  11. Shelby

    yea i agree like her acting wasn’t believable. im not saying I don’t like Bella, I just don’t like who they casted for her.

  12. Stephanie

    I think Kristen Stewart is the perfect Bella, You guys don’t know what you are talking about!

  13. cassy

    Hello there! I have read all the twilight books all of them twice but i have to say that the director made the best decision to have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella but its a shame that Taylor Lautner is out of the movie and is not going to be Jacob anymore }=. sigh. oh and by the way Bella is a really incredible actor except the part when Edward comes to save just that little part but otherwise she’s awesome

  14. Kaitlyn

    If they replace Taylor Lautner I will be really mad. He is the perfect version of Jacob Black who cares if he looks too young, he’s gorgeous! I agree I don’t really like Kristen Stewart as Bella and I don’t like Robert Pattinson as Edward, they’re completely different than how I pictured them from reading Stephenie Meyer’s book.

  15. Natalya

    I don’t think that Taylor Lautner is a very good Jacob. I had a very different image of him when I read the book. And I think Michael is way cuter… though Taylor did do a really good job. If only Taylor could have Michael’s body. *sigh*

  16. Liz

    I still cant believe that they replaced Taylor Lautner with some other guy…

    I thought he was perfect ugh… Now I don’t think I’m going to watch the movie!

  17. Shelby

    Ok come on, Kristen Stewart did a good job, wow then you obviously don’t know bad acting when you see it. She may look the part but she did a horrible job delivering the lines. and to Natalya Taylor Lautner has the same body as Michael. FYI, Taylor had a six pack since he was like 12, so you shouldn’t really base your opinion around just what his body is like. Michael Copon is so cocky and if you were standing in a room with him you wouldn’t be able to breath because his ego is freaking huge. And all this time Michael Copon has been bashing Taylor have you once seen Taylor throw punch back? Personally i base my opinion on how well they can handle being bashed and their acting skills, if seen Michael Copon act in One Tree Hill. Felix is an exact replica of who in reality, and frankly that’s sad and FYI they DID cast Taylor not Michael, (read the posts above).

  18. Bekadawn

    I totally love twilight but I can’t imagine that new moon isn’t going to star Edward but Jacob! I wish the movies comes out next year and then eclipse and hopefully they don’t make breaking dawn!

  19. Maricela

    I absolutely love the Twilight Saga. I began reading this series when no one else was reading it (in my school county, etc..). I could tell the Saga was going to be a worldwide series and I did so much research when I found out the movie was being released and now I can’t wait for New Moon.

    However, I was upset that the cast was not exactly how I had visualized the characters to be. The only exceptions were Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, and Cam Gigandet. I don’t think Robert Pattinson and the rest of the other cast were very good. But, the movie was wonderful overall.

  20. Marissa

    Hey I love the twilight movie I’ve seen it like 5 times and I am so on Edwards team he is the sexiest vampire ever!

  21. molly

    I am in love with twilight! and I am so happy that Taylor is playing Jacob. It just wouldn’t look right without him. And I have to agree with Marissa that Edward is the sexiest vampire ever.

  22. shim

    Twilight, both movie and book, are the best creation I do believe I’ve ever seen. I think they did an EXCELLENT job at choosing the actors. I wouldn’t want them to change that at all.

    And personally, Edward is the most awesome. but Emmett andJjasper sure were sexy. (:

  23. christina

    first I am a crazy fan of the whole series and the movie…although I thought it was to short and they tried to put to much of the book into two hours. I am so glad they are replacing Jacob…I hope they def do…he looked like a complete dork! the other guy is way hotter and way more built. I think Bella was awesome…i also think she fit the part perfect. Maybe pepople are getting confused with her acting with how her character is supposed to be. I think Edward is hot but they could have found someone a little more hotter.

  24. Shelby

    the only reason Taylor Lautner looked weird in Twilight was because he had a wig on, in the second he wouldn’t have it. And I love how people say they don’t want him to be in there because he’s not hot, seriously, is Adrian Brody hot? No, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good actor, Taylor only got like 4 scenes in the movie so I don’t understand how people can say that they don’t like him when they didn’t even see him act. And actually Michael Copon and Taylor have the same build, only difference is the height.

    I’m pretty sure everyone read the books and I don’t think I remember Bella taking so long to spit out what she was going to say, does anyone else? Because I don’t and I’ve read the series multiple times.

  25. ashley

    I love the twilight movie and I loved the books! I honestly can’t wait until new moon comes out and I think this new guy would be a much better director. I think hardwicke s**ked with twilight. She left out so many of the most important scenes out! I only hope this new guy will be better…

  26. Lucy Belbin

    I think Kristen Stewart was amazing as Bella, and Robert is hot!

    I may be biased since I watched the movie before reading the book (starting Eclipse this evening!), but I still think she did very well.

    Jacob is stupid, I don’t like him at all. Bella should stick with Edward.

    Edward is hot!

  27. Brittany

    Okay. New moon is coming out November 20th 2009, and Taylor Lautner isn’t going to be in it. Yeah i know it s**ks, but Jacob is a bad person, read the books and you’ll understand anyways. I cannot wait until it comes out, yeah! Edward is better anyways .

  28. Shelby

    I meant to say Adrien Brody IS a good actor*

  29. Adrienne

    I love Shelby just like to point that out she’s right. Twilight is an amazing movie I love all their characters. But Kristen for Bella was what let me down in the movie. I have seen her in other movies and I feel like she should have brought more Bella to the screen and less her. I don’t know I picture Bella head over heels for Edward and honestly their relationship on the screen was wierd because if you hadn’t read the book you would be lost. I can’t wait to see TAYLOR LAUTNER in New Moon because he’s the one person who fit my image of Jacob. Also I’m hoping in the new movie Bella comes out and that will be the test for Kristen to bring the vulnerability and the persona of Bella. Fingers crossed!

  30. Rhia

    I agree that Kristen isn’t exactly who you would think of when it comes to Bella , although to her credit she did manage to pull it off. I’m with Adrienne on the note of hoping that Kristen can bring out the vulnerable side to Bella.
    Although he didn’t have much screen time (who am i kidding he barely had any) we have come to know Taylor Lautner as Jacob black & it would be a real shame if he were to be dropped but with majority of the twilight fanbase wanting Taylor to play Jacob I don’t think they will.
    I also think replacing Taylor will give the impression that Chris Weitz is trying to undermine the decisions twilight director Catherine Hardwicke because she obviously saw the potential that Taylor has to fill the shoes of Jacob.
    I think they could have picked a better Rosalie because I don’t feel that Nikki Reed is displaying the hatred that Rosalie has for Bella.
    But I guess only time can tell and we can all cross our fingers that new moon will be portrayed as Stephenie Meyer intended.

  31. TwiLight_Lover

    I think they did an amazing job.

    I think the actor for Bella was a bit stiff, but she’s played in other movies and I think she did a good job. I think that even though Bella was played differently than everyone expected she still did a good job. It was an amazing movie.

  32. me

    I love twilight! I love all the characters! But I do believe the movie needed some things fixed! Why can’t they do the movie exactly the way it is in the book?! Who cares if it’s too long I know I’ll stay and watch every second of it! I wouldn’t want it to end! I look forward to the new movie and yes please do replace Jacob! The guy needs to be tall and stronger! Just don’t replace Kristen or Robert or I won’t even care to watch it! I’m serious I would not!

  33. pritty_girl_

    I think twilight is probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and I really really hope the sequel New Moon will be as the book and as good as twilight.

  34. Stephanie

    I loved Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight… However, I didn’t start reading Twilight until after I came home from watching the movie, I think it made the book better for me by allowing me to put faces to the characters in the book. So I can see how your opinion may differ from Kristen and Robert being the best actors for the part, but as I was reading the book, it seemed to fit perfectly for me. I read all four books in the series plus the partial draft of Midnight Sun and all the outtakes on Stephenie Meyer’s site and I am absolutely addicted! I can’t wait for New Moon&Eclipse… and I really hope they do make Breaking Dawn into a movie.
    How do you know that Taylor Lautner has been replaced on New Moon… for sure? I have been looking online and waiting to hear some kind of announcement but haven’t heard anything yet? Where are you getting your info?

  35. Mary Alice Cullen

    I saw the Twilight movie and I loved it! I’m only 12 but I had read the whole series before the movie came out so I had a view that other people wouldn’t. I really liked it but I wanted the big ‘i know what to are’ scene to be kept to the book. I thought the same about the Cullens house and would have liked it more if it were actually white and not black.
    I cant wait till New Moon comes out but i was reading another persons message and was shocked to see that Taylor Launter might be replaced. I love Edward but Jacob really doesn’t do any thing wrong until Eclipse, which I’m also very excited about. I heard breaking dawn may not be made in to a movie because of Renesmee. I don’t know for sure.

  36. Mary Alice Cullen

    I agree with TwiLight_lover.

    That Bella’s actor (Kristen) was a bit stiff.
    I like Jacob but Taylor Lautner was in cheaper by the dozen too and come New Moon he needs to be taller and more beefy, if you get what mean. But i loved Twilight!

  37. kimm

    I cannot Believe on whats happening! Why did they change Taylor? He did great. He even trained hard just for his role… he worked out so that every muscle in his body is pumped and moreover, do they know the feeling of being replaced?? it’s like they’re boasting it that he didn’t do a great job. i don’t want any fight here, all I’m trying to say is why did they have to change Taylor in new Moon? The fans know him already! Why change? and here I was expecting and looking forward to the next movie. The guy changing him better be worth it. D:<

  38. starlight20

    I’m 21 and I watch twilight every damn day, lol! My all time favorite and I can’t wait to see the rest of the books come to life! Hurry up to bring the movie twilight new moon!

  39. alanna

    hi I’m Alanna (it’s ok if you can’t pronounce it right , not many people can) well i LOVE Taylor Lautner (even before twilight) and I love Jacob’s character and so I was really excited that Taylor was playing him. and then the rumors started that he was being replaced with stupid Micheal Copon who I don’t like at all. But then I read some of these comments and i was wondering what site u went on to find out that he IS playing Jacob in new moon. not that I don’t trust you I just want to read for myself!

    Thanks in advance ;D

  40. giselle

    I think that Kristen is Bella and played Bella really well in twilight. Although I agree that she could have brought more but it’s really not her fault but the screenwriter and the directors fault. Catherine Hardwicke is more of an indie director and they believe in a more restrained, one line kind of acting (thank god she was replaced) and as for the screenwriter they should replace her too, for adding stupid scenes that were not in the book and omitting a lot of the best lines from the book. Out of the 7 thousand or more who auditioned for the part of Edward, Robert was the last and Stepnenie Meyer said that when she saw him she finally found the Edward in her book.

  41. Mary Alice Cullen

    I agree with Kim, fans are already used to Taylor and I think it would be hard for some fans to realize that it’s Jacob.

    Even though Jacob Black is meant to be taller and more bulky I think Taylor should stay. I mean Alice was meant to be 4″11″ and she wasn’t in the movie. So they should keep Taylor!!!

  42. Mary Alice Cullen

    I agree with Cristina when she said that they could have found a hotter Edward. I mean Robert did a great job as Edward but he just isn’t hot enough!!!

    I thought Bella was too pretty next to Edward and when they were in the woods, she looked scared when she wasn’t meant to be.

    How could anyone say that Taylor Lautner looks like a dork!!!
    All my friend thought that Jasper looked bad,
    But I thought he fitted the part because of the blank stare he had in the movie. I am on Edward’s team but not in New Moon cause of what he did to Bella. I love twilight but if New Moon isn’t closer to the book then i won’t watch it.

  43. Pandra

    Well the pick for all of the cast was awesome
    I loved who the pick for Edward and Bella
    They looked so good together
    But I don’t think they should have took anyone that was already in the movie out

  44. mere

    Don’t worry! Number one, Taylor Lautner is going to be recast number one because they can’t afford to lose the fan base over losing him, 2 he is already in negotiations, and 3 if anyone saw him in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, they know how digitally enhanced he can be so that isn’t really a concern! =) Second, I know quite a few of you are not impressed with Kristen as Bella…… Have any of you ever really watched her in her other roles in different movies? She really is a very good actress and for those of you who have read the books you know that she is completely mean to be frustratingly awkward, shy, quiet and a complete klutz, and she prtrays that VERY well. Her character in the books never really gains confidence or grace, or really much until the short part of breaking dawn after she has been transformed. I mean yes, she progressively gets better and more comfortable with the Cullens and in her own skin as the books go on, but not really that noticeably =) Anyways, no matter…… Most of the cast has been re-signed, at least the major ones and I have faith the rest of the movies are going to be great and again…. DON’T WORRY, THEY AREN’T GOING TO REPLACE TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!! =) =)

  45. Mary Alice Cullen

    Thank god they aren’t replacing Taylor.
    I think he is a great Jacob and yes Kristen is a great actress i just think that she is too pretty to be Bella.
    For those who have read the books you will understand that Bella is meant to look plain next to Edward and in the movie Bella is more beautiful than Edward is. They shouldn’t have cast Robert as Edward, not saying that he isn’t a good actor because he is. Its just that he is supposed to be the most beautiful person (other than Rosalie) ever, and to be honest he isn’t that hot.
    But they are both good actors but Bella needs to be less beautiful and more of a klutz and Edward needs to be more beautiful.

  46. alanna

    OMG thank you, I knew they just couldn’t replace Taylor…. He’s just to good and lovable <3 ;D he’s gonna do great as Jacob in new moon!

  47. Voodoo Doll

    Jake is so nice to Bella, even though it’s hard for him to control his temper around people. I really feel like the fictional character can’t be compared to Taylor!

  48. holly

    I agree I thought Bella was missing something: Kristen Stewart is not plain enough for Bella! I was disappointed about Edward’s character as well because he isn’t as gorgeous as I had envisioned. I didn’t think Jacob looked the part. He didn’t do bad but wasn’t how I envisioned. Rosalie wasn’t pretty enough and she was too chunkie! And Alice while cute was not cute enough- she looked like a dixie chic!

  49. ines

    I have already read Twilight and watched the movie, but I’m still waiting for New moon. I just adore movie and book. And I can confess, that Twilight is my little obsession.
    But I’m wondering something. In the second movie isn’t it the same actor as Jacob? Don’t understand why & if I’m right.
    Sorry for my English.
    Greetings from Slovenia ;)

  50. sashka

    Hi it’s not sure that they’re changing Jacob but it’s because in new moon he gets taller and older. they might use special effects on him though.
    I thought Carlisle was supposed to be really handsome and breathtaking, he wasn’t in the movie.
    I love Robert as Edward since he’s my fave actor with Jonnhy depp.
    It makes sense to change Jacob but they should still use Lautner in the next movie since he is gorgeous :)
    Love Edward: I’m completly obsessed with twilight! I’ve read the books 6 times and I’m going to see the movie for a second time. I also have posters covering my room

  51. Mary Alice Cullen

    At the moment Taylor Lautner will be part of New Moon, staring as Jacob. Some fuss has been made about the fact that Jacob needs to be more mature and taller in the coming movie. This is true obviously because of the werewolf thing. The movie company is afraid that the fans won’t love the movie as much if the change is made, due to the huge Jacob fan base. So those worried about the replacement of Taylor Lautner, don’t fuss, the change is most likely not to be made, but the choice may change so keep fighting to keep Taylor Lautner in New Moon.

    Love you, Mary Alice Cullen

  52. melly

    I liked that Taylor guy as Jacob, and Shelby was right again, he only had a few parts so how can you not like him. Yea he looks young, but that’s why there’s make up and special effects, plus he is going to the gym to buff up to try to keep his part for new moon.

  53. Mrs.Hale

    hey what did you guys think about Laurent? in the book he was described WHITE not trying to be racist because I’m black but he isn’t suppose to be… in the book they described him with the same skin as Edward! and Jasper is sexy! and I think Emmet looks better outside the movie.

  54. alanna

    I totally agree with Mary Alice… the change is most likely not going to be made but as she said we can’t stop fighting (just in case). Personally I think the whole change in casting thing was:

    #1 – a need for a new Jacob (that whole story bout the physical appearance thing)

    #2 – a very clever way yo get a HUGE fan base for Taylor and to get the hype up about the new movie when it comes out. Just think about it: if people fight to a keep a certain actor in the movie, they’re most likely to go watch the movie to see how it turned out and stuff… Very clever way to boost the buzz around the movie New Moon!


  55. Jess

    I love the books and the movie, but I hope they make New Moon to follow the book a little more than they did with Twilight. It was kinda off.

  56. Haley

    I think Kristen Stewart is the perfect Bella. But she disappoints me. First she HATES Robert Pattinson. Then she starts smoking pot, and she is a humongous celeb. the media follows her around. And Emmett is hot. So is Jacob and now they got rid of Taylor Lautner to get some stuck up guy who is older looking than Taylor. These people just disappoint me.

  57. Megastar

    I am totally in love with the books and the movie, can’t wait for new moon to come out. But you guys have to remember that this is a fictional story. It would be impossible for them to find the perfect actors to play the parts (looks wise), so if you don’t think that the Cullens are good looking enough in the movie, that’s because there are no such things as Vampire’s and no one can be that beautiful!!!
    P.S. I LOVE Taylor and Robert, they’re gorgeous!

  58. Melissa

    I’ve fallen in love with vampires!! Twilight the movie was the best! All of the vampires were hot! Especially Edward and Jasper!! I have faith in New Moon, but i want Taylor Lautner to stay Jacob Black in the next movie! I hope they make all 4 books, Breaking Dawn was my fave. I Love Twilight!

  59. PennyLane

    I think Kristen is perfect Bella. The acting wasn’t perfect in Twilight but so wasn’t Robert’s acting either. So what, I loved the movie anyway. I’m more afraid that the new director Chris will ruin the movie… We’ll see..
    Waiting for the Breaking Dawn book here in Finland.

  60. Erica

    First of all I think Taylor Lautner was a good Jacob for twilight because he was supposed to be like a little boy and young. But for new moon Michael Copon is the best Jacob because he is more muscular and bigger and that’s the way Stephenie Meyer described him in the book and and Robert Pattinson is the best Edward ever!

    I’m so glad that they are replacing Catherine Hardwicke she left out too many parts of the book and i wish they have based it more around vampires and not just the love story dont get me wrong i loved the movie though.

  61. IloveRenesmeeandAlice

    Vampires are the best! I think that Bella is too pretty in the movie and Edward s**ks. They should use more special effects on the vampires, because they look too much like humans. In the books I love Emmett but he is not as good in the movie.

    P.S they should so not replace Taylor Lautner

  62. twillie

    I’m looking forward to new moon movie I just hope they do a better job, I enjoyed the movie but in my opinion they could have done WAY better they left quite a few heavy chunks of the storyline out and also the bits they did put they changed the scenes so were nothing like what was in the book anyway. I’m glad they changed the director because the scripting for the film wasn’t exactly brilliant also she seemed a bit hmm odd like she was off the fairys oO

  63. Arlan

    i am currently reading the book. very nice. XD

  64. BellaDonna

    Hiya All,

    I love Edward. He is smoldering, sexy and shy. My fav scene is when he walks through the school grounds with his arm around Bella and a huge smug smile on his face. Can’t wait to see New Moon but want to know when the DVD of Twilight will be released so I can get a Twilight fix every day.
    Re Jacob – please leave all the current cast in the role as they fit perfectly. Remember that Jacob was only supposed to be 15 when he first meets Bella so he should look a bit younger…
    Thought the soundtrack was crap though… the melody for Flightless Bird is perfect but the lyrics… they simply don’t fit, don’t make any sense and disrupt the feeling of harmony in the final prom scene. Please get someone else to choose the tracks next time.

  65. Stephany

    OKay so I loved all the characters, but I do have to agree that there were some points in the movie that Kristen, as Bella, just didn’t deliver the lines the way they should have been delieverd via book. The worst, I think, was when they were in the hospital and she freaked out about Edward leaving her. It almost seemed like she got tongue tied and it just wasn’t a good scene. Now I was disappointed that they didn’t do the scene in the meadow the way it was done in the book. I like Edward and Bella together, but some how I walked away from the movie feeling a lack of the passionate love that was suppose to radiate from them. I know it could just be me, but I think if they would have played the meadow scene out the correct way it might have made the bond between Edward and Bella stronger. Overall though I loved the movie and I can’t wait to go see it again!

  66. Mary Alice Cullen

    i agree that the hospital scene seemed forced by Kristen and that dissapointed me but apart from the thinds i have already mentioned that was it.

    GOD…….i didn’t like a lot of stuff about the movie but it was awesome anyway!!!

    love you, Mary Alice Cullen.

  67. Limabean526

    As are all of you, I am a huge Twilight fan: I have read each book twice, as well as the online draft of Midnight Sun. I have seen the movie four times in the theater, etc. I Google and read everything I can about the series, as well as the author, actors, the New Moon movie. It is a time-consuming obsession! I just wanted to post my thoughts on the movie and casting: I thought the movie was good – obviously, since I saw it four times! BUT, I think it could have been better. I keep going to see it because I think that Rob Pattinson is gorgeous and because I love seeing the characters come to life on the big screen, even though the portrayals are not what I would have necessarily envisioned. I agree with those who say that Kristen Stewart could have done a better job. She indeed seemed stiffer than necessary, but I also think that perhaps she did the best with what she was given. They really took out a lot of what made Bella such a wonderful lead character, if you really think about it. I agree she also seemed scared of Edward, almost jumpy, which is NOT the case in the books. As for her looks…I think she was a fine choice. Remember, Edward does point out to Bella several times that she is more beautiful than she gives herself credit for because he can hear the thoughts of the other boys at school and they all think she is pretty. So Kristen’s looks were fine. I think Rob was way better looking, but maybe thats just me! As for Rob – he definitely fit Edward for me, but I like my men tall, dark and handsome! He could have done a little better. He alternated a lot between being almost too shy to being sort of manic (when he invites her to his house, for example). Ashley Greene as Alice was perfect! Totally how I envisioned her. At first I thought Emmet was too “gangster” but it fits him – both his personality and also the time from which he came. Rosalie was good too, but Japer was given the short end of the stick – they don’t even TOUCH the fact that he has the ability to control the emotional environment! That was a huge mistake. The directing was poor – lots of mistakes, but overall, the movie was good. I will see it over and over and buy the DVD when it comes out! Looking forward to what Chris Weitz does with New Moon and Eclipse. And I REALLY hope they finish it off and make a movie for Breaking Dawn.

  68. Ducky

    I like who they picked for Bella but I read all the books first and the guy they picked for Edward is hot but he does not fit in my mind as Edward I think they could have picked someone better, but i am still ok for who they picked cause he is hot!

  69. amy from ottawa

    hey just a shout out from another twilight fan.
    I can’t wait till the new moon movie is out read almost all the books and new moon seems exciting. even though Edward didn’t have many parts but i read up on some of the news and they are saying he is having more parts added in since 90% of the fans love Edward I’m all up for that. ;)

  70. Rosalba

    I think that New Moon, the movie, should keep Taylor Lautner. I read what Mary Alice Cullen wrote and I agree with her about keeping Taylor. I just took a look at Michael Copon but he seems way too old, maybe like two or three years older than Bella. And you know how Jacob Black is supposed to look friendly, I think that Taylor is the right fit for Jacob Black.

    By the way, I still can’t wait for New Moon the movie. I still really hope that they’ll keep Taylor Lautner.

  71. Megastar

    Michael Copon can’t play Jacob in New Moon! Jacob is meant to be young at the start, and in the rest of the book Bella goes on and on about how fast he’s growing. If Michael plays Jacob, it will totally defeat the purpose of mystery of what happening to him.
    And again, movies are not like the books they’re based on because the book can give us more detail and more understanding of what’s going on. In movies they have to exaggerate and edit as best they can.
    I think they did a great job with the movie and I totally agree with Limabean526, about Kristen, Rob and men tall, dark and handsome.

    P.S. I wish Stephenie Meyer would stop being a cry baby, and finish writing Midnight Sun so we can all enjoy it! Just because some idiots decided to post it on the net, doesn’t give her the right to punish the rest of us for their mistakes! >:(

  72. bella

    ok I think Kristin did a GREAT job as Bella. She was the perfect combination of awkwardness and grace. Plus, she did really good acting, especially in the big fight seen when she gets hurt. Her pain seemed so real! I thought all of the actors where perfect, but kind of agree that they needed a new Jacob Black so he looks more mature ( also i dont think that Taylor Lautner is that good of an actor)


  73. Brandi(:

    In my opinion replacing Jacob is going to ruin the movie for me. I agree with Megastar when she states the replacing Taylor for Michael Copon will defeat the whole purpose. Jacob is supposed to look young at first and then grow up fast, but this new guy Michael looks too old. Although I don’t agree with the character adjustments i’m absolutely sure I will be at the theaters November 20th. (:

  74. Dawn

    I think that the movie was good and could have been better if they added an hour more or less. The characters were great except that in the book Rosalie had a smaller butt, it’s true. Jasper the entire movie looked like he had a bad case of diarrhea and Carlisle looked like the freaking ghost of Christmas past. Know i love the movie and have seen it more than ten times and the books are my second almost first favorite but the movie was i bit too rushed. The could have enhanced more and had better stunts. They could have made the skin actually look marbley. They could have shot more scenes like the meadow one but my point is they could have done a lot. I am critical aabout the movies i watch because i dont watch tv a bunch because i read. I hope to god the Stephenie Meyer gets over the fact that her book got out but jeese get over it already if you say it wasn’t that good and only half way done fix it finish it and publish it because that book was only halfway done and we didnt get anywhere good with it. I think she also needs to continue because in all of these books there a few huge time gaps that there apart or together and you want both sides like where did edward go in new moon, how was hunting without bella,what did he do while bella was transforming, and finally what did he think of renesmee and what changed. I also think she need to write like a special edition of the future when the Volturi recover and come back come bring on the action. So those are my thoughts comment and post as you please because i am determined oh and bye the way jacob may have never left but bella didnt pick him in the first place. so beat that GO TEAM EDWARD or if you want to get picky i personally love Jane and rosalies personallities they are the most like mine. I love kate and bellas ability though and Janes rocks. so i cant pick a fav. Jacob sucks he truly does. So i dont care who plays him.

  75. aliceisawesome2009

    when is twilight coming out on DVD? I think that Taylor is too Disney! sorry guys but I just don’t like him. I also think that Kristen over-did the death seen, if you know what i mean. But she is OK otherwise, except she does drugs. I love TWILIGHT BEST SERIES EVER! I am reading it for the third time. Ha ha It’s not that much as some of you. but my friends think I am crazy! can somebody please do some research on when the Twilight DVD is coming out? Please! I read that says its coming out on the 16. But I don’t believe it. sorry about hating Taylor. ;-P

  76. Emma

    Okay, I cannot wait for this movie!! It will be fantastic. There will definitely be better special effects. One thing I don’t like is that they are considering Copon. I don’t like him the LEAST bit. He is really cocky, and changing the actor that plays a loved character halfway through the movies is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Taylor is perfect, and he has already gained 19 pounds of muscle, and is expecting more! So let him do it. I can guarantee you that no one will see the movie if Copon is in it.

  77. ralu_bella_TL

    I love everything that is about Twilight, but if they replace Taylor, I surely wont watch New Moon. I mean he is a perfect Jacob, he looks hot, but not only, his so friendly and funny, like Jacob should be. I like Michael Copon as well, but just as Pen (Bring it On In It To Win It). As Jacob I just can’t imagine someone who’s better than Taylor, and he works hard to keep his role, like Emma already said.

    Robert made a great job, but I also think they could have found a hotter Edward, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have posters with him in my room :)

    Now I’m curious about who will play Jacob, and if they can take the risk to lose so many fans… Anyway, good luck Taylor!

  78. katie

    ok, twilight is amazing. I’m in love with it. Don’t replace Jacob either that’s just not right! Anyways, I can’t wait for the next movie to come out. (: the one thing i hate about new moon is edward is barely in it :( I love him, but hopefully the movie will still be just as good as the first.

    From another twilight fan, katie.

  79. alanna

    1. Taylor Lautner is sexy (just wanted to get that in the open)
    2. Copon = evil with an ugly face
    3. kristen does is only human (I don’t like her very much but the fact that ppl are judging her)

    PS: Summit Entertainment is going to announce sometime this week if Taylor Lautner got the part in the movie new moon (OMG) … lets pray for him!

  80. alanna

    Oh and by the way, I can understand why aliceisawesome2009 would say that Taylor is too “disney”. It’s because he’s on like all the Disney magazines now because girls adore him (I don’t blame them). But he does do any of that Disney shit…. and I hope he never will…. Disney destroys young actors and actresses careers. lol


  81. Brandi(:

    Don’t quote me on this, but from the research I have done, Twilight should be out on DVD March 20. If not before then.

  82. Brie

    I read on Stephenie Meyer’s website that they are not replacing Taylor with someone else to play Jacob… just thought I’d mention that since there were so many things flying around about him being replaced.

  83. ralu_bella_TL

    Ok now I’m really excited about what I read here! Congratulations Taylor!

  84. GIGI

    i really wish they would replace taylor. I hate him as Jacob!! but I love♥ Edward & the twilight books!!!! ☻☺♥☻☺♥

  85. maggie

    ok well i think kristin as bella is terrible! i mean she sounds like a man! if they’re going to replace anyone it should be kristin and not taylor!
    jackson rathbone is the BEST jasper EVER! he is freaking kick ass!!!!!

  86. Megastar

    First, I agree with Dawn when they say we need to see Edwards point of view more.

    And second, this might just be me but I really really want to know what Edward, Jasper and Emmet did for Edwards bachelor party in Breaking Dawn!

  87. alanna

    hahahah me too, I would love to know what they did at his bachelor party, it would be funny, it’s probably some vampire tradition thing though….

  88. Broooooke

    I didn’t really like Kristen Stewart in this movie because i feel that after i read the whole twilight saga, Bella is more upbeat than Kristen was in the movie. Even in Twilight the novel, Bella is not as shy as Kristen portrayed her to be in the movie. I do think that Kristen Stewart looks a lot like Bella though and i hope that she can make Bella more lively in New Moon and the rest of the movies.

  89. Millaine

    I thought Kristen Stewart did a god job as Bella, but I do think there are others who would have done it better. I didn’t really like Rob Pattinson, he seemed to clumsy and always seemed to mumble and that was the exact opposite of what I thought Edward would be.
    312 days till New Moon!

  90. Broooooke

    Even though someone might do better than Rob Pattinson at acting Edward, he is still the best looking and he is what i imagined Edward to look like

  91. GIGI

    Ya, Rob Pattinson is the BEST Edward ever!! So don’t even talk about replacing cause there is no way in hell that they would even think about replacing him!! They sould replace Kristen Stewart. She was a sucky Bella!

    LOVE♥, GIGI☺☻♪

  92. Shelby

    The only reason you guys imagined Robert Pattinson as Edward was because you probably saw the movie trailer and then read the book and pictured him instead of what the book described him as. Also as for people who say Kristen Stewert did a good acting job, she really didnt. I take a film critique class and i have to say the acting she did was horrendous!! along with other actors in that movie, the guy that played Mike, yea def. not what I pictured, in the book he’s supposed to be hot and yet they casted someone who looks like an elf. Their casting choice was POOR along with actors acting abilities. The only actors that i thought stood out were the ones that played, Alice, Dr. Cullen, Esme Cullen, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Jacob, Charlie, and Billy Black. Oh and James.
    And as far as their choices for the Volturi, their choices are pathetic, an old woman playing Jane, Janes supposed to be a little girl, and as for the pick with Aro, hes also supposed to be good loooking, is the actor thats going to play him good looking? NO. Their F***ing up this series of movies, not to mention Vannessa Hudgens as Leah, give us a F***ing break. I know for sure that i won’t go and see this movie if a teenie bopper Disney actress is going to be in New Moon.

    Just out of curiosity, how is Taylor too Disney?? He did ONE and i say ONE Disney Movie, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 IS NOT a Disney movie, if it was Disney wouldnt release any of their movies to be played on other networks, and ive seen that movie being played on TBS and FX. Sharkboy and Lava Girl was the only Disney movie that he did and it didnt RUIN his career.

    The thing that is most interesting this is that there were a few people that even said they didnt read the book UNTIL AFTER they saw the movie, to me that just ruins it. Because then you go in expecting one thing and then finding out that the moive def. didnt cover everything in the book, and that they switched hella crap around.

    So I’d really like to hear poeples reasons for WHY ROB and KRISTEN are supposed to be a good EDWARD and BELLA.

  93. Megastar

    Kristen didn’t do the best job in the world, I didn’t see the love between them at all because of her. I LOVE Rob!!!
    The fact that they’ve cast Vanessa in New Moon is no big deal, she has like one scene in the whole movie. And not all of us watched the trailer of Twilight before reading the book.

  94. Shelby

    i didn’t say trailer i said MOVIE. big difference

  95. Millaine

    wow, who died and made you the best movie expert ever?
    You are trying too hard to analyze everything in the movie so now you only see the faults. Take a step back from your fancy film critique class and actually try to ENJOY the movie, jeez. And how can you say that they are screwing up the series when they’ve only done one movie? Give them a chance to show us WHY they made their decisions, chose those actors, because I’m pretty sure they didn’t choose people because they think they will be bad at their role.

  96. Megastar

    Well said, I totally agree. And I meant to say movie!

  97. Megastar

    Lets change the subject, we’ve been fighting about this for too long!
    Which book does everyone like the best. Mines either Eclipse, I especially like chapter 20, Compromise!

  98. Millaine

    Mine is definitely Breaking Dawn. I thought it was awesome, tied together the other books really well and was a fitting end to a brilliant series.

  99. ralu_bella_TL

    My favorite book is also eclipse, because of that love-triangle, it’s simply perfect…:X:X:X

  100. PennyLane

    My favourite is Twilight. That was when I fell in love with the story. Now that I’ve read the last one (Breaking Dawn), I got my heart broken.
    Everytime I hear a song from the soundtrack especially Decode it feels the same as if you’ve seen your ex for the first time after a hard break up. It just feels so empty now..

    I’ve been watching pictures of Taylor Lautner and i have to say that he really is a perfect jacob.
    i can’t wait for the new moon movie.

  101. Simona

    I think New Moon would be the most difficult movie from the saga. Kristen must portray Bella like an almost dead inside human being, Edward must play a difficult role… And I’m very curious who they’re going to center the movie on during Edward’s absence. It’s possible that most of the Bella-Edward fan will want to shrink the “Edward’s absence” to a minimum… and I do not think that’s a good idea.
    My favorite book is “Breaking Dawn”. I would love Eclipse, but the only thing that stands in its way it’s the fact “Bella seems to be in love with Edward and Jacob”. I do not think it’s possible to be in love with two people. It’s not humanly possible to love twice as she loves Edward. It’s not possible. I did not like that, it ruined the book for me ;o) I hope they are going to skip that part in movie…

  102. nada

    really the movie s**ked compared to the book so much important details got left out i didn’t really catch the love between edward in bela in the movie but the book made it very clear but taylor shouldn’t be replaced because i already have him set as jacob black in my head that would really ruin the movie for me if they do

  103. Broooooke

    I have to say, the first book is usually the best sooo i choose twilight as my favorite book. Oh and how does anyone even know the cast of New Moon yet? It hasnt even started filming and they just barely chose for Taylor to play Jacob so we can’t say “an old lady is playing Jane” because it might not even be true. *opinion* Kristen Stewart ruined the first movie…

  104. ams

    Loved all the books and have read them several times. You can just escape completely and live in that world. I actualy think Rob is my perfect Edward however when reading twilight the Bella I had in my head looked more like the girl who played the lead roll in Juno. I enjoyed the film however felt it should have been longer giving more detail of the Cullen family and there individual histories,I feel we hardly know them which made the story weaker and more like the Edward and Bella show!
    Hopfully more detail will be included in New Moon.

  105. Amber Elayne

    Hey! All of you people! Theres’ nobody leaving from the second
    Movie. Everyone will be the same as before.
    Taylor will be working his buns, abs, and arms out for his big scenes. Makey-up does a world of change for a person, too. So
    older, younger, it won’t make a difference; Taylor will fit in just fine.
    Meanwhile, if we can just keep Robert on track, and agree to keep the image for the other 2 movies: all of you gals will have the “sexiest” vamp on the screen, too.
    His real love is music, but filming keeps his bills paid, too.
    As far as the Bella’ girl is concern, I hope she start to groove into her scenes better, than maybe Robert will like his parts, too. They really need to work better together, the charactors NEED them to move & glide together. These next 3 movies need to be “believable”! Otherwise, we’re all going to be bored, right along with Mr. Pattinson.
    So chin-up, fokes! And write, or e-mail, or something, to get our ‘main’ charactors in the mood, cause we are going to lose them.
    Thank God, the production changed out the Director! She was just horrible! She did not give these kids the right direction to play the roles that these books deserved. The scene for Edward’s kiss to Bells, was just shamed, and I bet Robert was not impressed with his part on that – and Kris looked like she was the Vamp! (I’d run, too)
    Pray that these movie complete themselves, or you are all going to be dis appointed.
    Look at the production of Harry Potter? Why can’t Twilight have that good of filming backing itself?

  106. huge twilight fan

    I have read all the books three times and I still haven’t got enough. Im going to watch the movie for the fifth time if I can find a theatre that is still showing it. But they aren’t replacing Jacob it’s still going to be played by Taylor. I think that he can pull it off i really do. Yeah he needs to look older and bigger and bulkier and all that in New Moon but I really think that he can pull it off. I thought Twilight was awesome and I thought Edward and Bella were great. Every character met my expectations. I read the books two times before the movie came out and another time after I watched the movie. I don’t see how any movie is ever going to take the place of Twilight and when New Moon comes out it will be right there with Twilight I’m sure. Im very obsessed with the twilight series and the movie I just can not get enough and I really don’t think I ever will.

  107. Broooooke

    um you could just watch Twilight online so you don’t have to spend so much money…

  108. XxTwiharderxX

    They killed Twilight. I mean Rob killed Edward! He was so emotionless. And Kristen wasn’t very good compared to her other works. I believe it was Hardwicke’s fault, and hopefully New Moon willl be better with Weitz.

  109. Kalie

    If you guys haven’t read yet Taylor Lautner is going to be in New Moon as Jacob!!!!!!!! which is awesome(it’s confirmed). He showed off his bigger muscles on TV, He’s definitly bigger.

    Edward and Emmett are amazing they choose the right actors for them. Can’t wait to hear who else is going to be in New Moon

  110. Kalie

    My favorite book in the series was Twilight and Eclipse, Breaking Dawn is okay but I thought New Moon was the worse, Edward leaves :(

  111. Melly

    I KNOW, I hate reading New Moon. My favorite part of it is when he comes back. But I thought Breaking Dawn is pretty good, I don’t see why people don’t like it.

  112. Courty

    To me it didn’t seem like they casted Bella’s character on her acting abilities but how she looked with their ideal Edward. She was nothing at all like she is in the book. In the book she is a sarcastic but somewhat bubbly personality…not moronic bubbly, but still, most of her lines and quotes are super cute. It is like she has a wall up on the outside but when she is alone or with Edward there is another part of her that shows through. I love her line about how she is going to “cheerfully beat” Mike Newton to death. Kristen Stuart seems to only have 3 facial expressions throughout the whole movie….but, like I said earlier, she looks good with Rob. That is just the way it is with movies though, everyone has their own vision of what Bella looks and acts like from how they read the story. I think she looks like a great Bella, but do not at all like how she portrayed her aside from how she bites her lip. She does, at least, come across as cute.

  113. Kalie

    I think Hayden Christensen would be perfect for Caius, Marcus or Demetri.
    I think Jane should be played by Dakota Fanning but she will need a wig cause Janes has darker hair.
    Ben Barnes should totally be Aro


    I think in this movie Edward should have a bigger part. I don’t think it’s fair that he shouldn’t be in half of it. Everyone agrees that Edward’s teh best part. And please don’t be with Joe’s girlfriend! Please!

    Well I can’t wait till the movie New Moon comes out!

  115. Broooooke

    Just finished reading the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun! Loved it! I hope Stephenie really does finish the book so that she doesn’t leave all us fans hanging. It would be really cool to know what Edward is thinking during the whole James thing

  116. Teaser Trailer

    The official logo of this New Moon movie has been unveiled:

    (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
    The Twilight Saga New Moon

  117. Stephany

    I was so enthralled by Midnight Sun it was like reading Twilight for the first time all over again. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. To everyone who keeps saying that Stephenie Meyer’s need to quit crying about the fact that her book was stolen and placed on the net without her permission and to complete it, I say…how rude an insensitive can y’all be? Seriously! It’s her life’s work that was STOLEN from her. Let me say this again…STOLEN. Imagine if you had something so near and dear to you that was stolen from you… you would feel the exact same way…she was hurt and upset, but I know in the end because she has gotten some awesome feedback from the fans about the idea of Midnight Sun that she will more than likely finish the book. Shoot I wish she were to do New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn all from Edwards point of view…I know it’s asking a lot out of Steph, but seriously would be so cool…especially New Moon when Edward goes away on his own. Back to Steph though…give her a break…she was violated and needs time to get over that in her own way. If you are truly fans get over yourselves and stop beating her up, she has enough to deal with.

    On the other hand I’m so excited about New Moon coming out. And I can’t wait to buy Twilight and enjoy it over and over and over again in the comforts of my own home. Woot!!!

  118. Cara

    I have a question.
    I have been hearing this one rumor that’s really pissing me off.
    Alot of people are saying “The writer changed the script from Edward leaving to Edward going on a long vacation with his family”
    I hope it’s not true cause that would completely ruin the movie

  119. Danielle

    okay guys listen, you all really nee to do your research because they did NOT replace Taylor Lautner. at first they were going to, but he fought for his part. he bulked up and they are NOT replacing him nor will their be doubles. Jacob Black WILL be played be Taylor Lautner and only him.

  120. Katrina

    I do believe that Taylor looks exactly how i imagined jacob at first but i also agree that he should be much taller and bulkier. I think Kristen looks like the bella i imagined however Edwards brothers and sisters do not. I pictured them way differently and more beautiful and elegant. I think Alice and Carlisle are the closest ones to the way i pictured them out of that group! Edward could have looked a little better too.

  121. Megastar

    What do you want them to do? No one really looks like the Cullens discribed in the books!

  122. twilight party

    the troutdale oregon party had to be the most messed up thing i ever went to. We all got locked inside the outside garden center in the cold for 3 or more hours and ended up not being able to get in. The cast just left and did not say as much sorry or goodnight to their fans who were waiting in the cold like rats traped in a maze. they let a lot of people down and made a lot of little girls cry. and as for that walmart staff they just lied the whole time when people asked if they were for sure getting in we all herd oh yah all of you. so F them all because i wasted my time and all i got was sick!! RUDE..

  123. ashley irene cannon

    i think that all the people chose for TWILIGHT were perfect. the only thing is kristen didn’t exactly play the part like i thought she would. I mean, she is a good actress but they should have given her a much different personality. she didn’t talk the same as in the book or anything. But, edward was amazing! the only bad thing about the movie, is that they left some stuff out, and they put extra things in. It was almost nothing like the book. The book was by far the best thing i have ever read but the movie seriously sucked compared to the book. I know that movies aren’t ever as good as the books but this could have been better. oh well, hopefully new moon will suprise me and be just like the book! :)

  124. Melly

    I like some of the people they chose to play the characters. I like Carlisle, Rosalie, Alice, Edward is PERFECT, Jacob is good, and Emmet would have been better if h had a bit more muscles. I DO NOT like Kristen Stewart for Bella. She seems so fake, I don’t like her acting skills. And while I do like Robert Pattinson for Edward, his acting skills in Twilight were not up to par, I was expecting better, but hopefully New Moon is better.

  125. nikki swan

    You guys really need to read whats written before posting your comment.
    a) Taylor Lautner is playing Jacob black.
    b) the director is changing the movie so that it is more appealing to guys.
    c) Every body in the movie did a great job. So quit bitting each others heads off trying to defend your fav character.
    I agree that people have their own points of view but you don’t have to make your point of view so harsh when your uploading your comment. Consider other people for once or at least the actors or fans who might read what you have written. and there is no point posting up rumors that you might have heard or made that you know is not true. Rather than giving harsh negative comments try to give encouraging ones or supportive ones if not positive ones

  126. Kathy

    When will the first trailer of New Moon come come? It’s killing me, not knowing when!

  127. ??????

    Well I hope they hurry I really want to see it I love the book. I think new moon is my favorite book out of all of them!

  128. Roski

    I wanted to see the movie last year but no one wanted to go with me. I had never heard of the books before, the movie just looked interesting. Then before the movie came out on DVD a friend made me read the book. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t stop reading. I read them all the books in a little over a week! Then I saw the movie and was disappointed a bit. But I realized that the book is mostly based on the 1st persons thoughts and when you put that into action, you miss ALOT. So between Bella and Jacob, we are missing alot in the movie. But it will still be good to watch how they put it together. Not to mention when they produced Twilight, they did it as low budget because they didn’t know how it would turn out, but now they have a huge budget to work with and you can expect the rest of the movies to be “Hollywood grande”. I am glad my friend got me into the story!

    The New Moon trailer is going to be on the Blu-ray Twilight disc on the updated version coming out in May so I assume you will see it somewhere on the internet around then.

  129. talyn


    Does anyone here had watched already the trailer of New Moon? Can you please tell me where it shows the trailer of New Moon? I’m a big fan of this movie and I really hope that the New Moon movie will be more interesting and more exciting to watch. I hope for a positive response from you guys… Thanks!

    By the way do you have an e-book of Midnight Sun?

  130. Bethany

    they can’t skip that part in the movie. and no, you can’t love 2 people like she loves Edward but she can love Jacob in a different way. When the one person you don’t think you can live without distances their love, you look to someone who is close to you. A best friend maybe. It is possible to love more than one person on different levels. Sometimes having the opposite sex as a best friend gets confusing. And while Jacob could never make Bella feel the way Edward does, he could make her happy. they were so pulled to each other that they got the signals confused. You can deeply love someone and not have that animal attraction to them.

  131. SezziiBabii

    i love the twilight series. i am currently reading breaking dawn and i am almost three quarters through that book, it is my favorite so far. i liked the movie alot but it was not as good as it could have been i think they could have put more details in theres nothing wrong with a slightly longer movie, and some things in the movie didnt happen at all in the book, also bella looks amazing, like i imagined but she could of been portrayed better, like she didn’t seem shy in the movie at ALL but in the book that is a major part of her personality. and also she seemed to have far different reactions to circumstances than bella in the book… but fair go i guess it was a good movie overall and i enjoyed it, i’ve seen it 6 times already lol.

    i would give the book 10/10 and the movie 8.5/10

    and yeah i agree to most people edward’s family didn’t look as good as the ones in the book but face it, no ones THAT perfect as they are betrayed, at least no one that isnt in twilight land lol.

    peace people, love love


  132. Brooke

    I voted for werewolf and vampire! i love them both ^^

    x3 Jacob (without the long-haired wig)

    x3 Edward

  133. rebekah Jo

    I’ve read the saga over 10 times and I think we should all quit expecting the movies to be as good. I mean, you have to realise that’s never possible! I also have watched my copy of Twilight at least 10 times and I absolutely want to run into Jackson rathbone a.k.a. Jasper in a super dark ally! Eek!!! And when I do I hope we are both single and ready to mingle! Hahahaha

  134. Reanna

    Hey whats up my name is Reanna im from texas if there was a person with the worst case of (OECD) AKA Obessive Edward Cullen Disorder it would be me. i have re read all 4 books 3 times and have the movie and seen it over 100 times i am in love what can i say

  135. Katrina

    Ok so I have 5 posters of Twilight read all four books and the online version of Midnight Sun about 15 times have a t-shirt of edward cullen that i sleep in seen the movie over 15 times in the theatre and like 100 times at home when i bought it the every first min. that the store open that day of release i like reanna description OECD Obessive Edward Cullen Disorder XD Taylor has the part in New Moon now they are not switching which makes me happy cause i hate when they do that and TWILIGHT IS MY ENTIRE LIFE NOW!!!!

  136. nikki swan

    you’re wrong reanna you are not the one with the worst case of oecd i am cause i have read all the books a gazillion times and seen the movie a trizillion times and also reading the books and seeing the movie is part of my bed time routine i know every word in the books right up to the full stop and commas so yeah but hey i am sure there are a lot of girls just like me and also definitely the ones who have read the book more than 3 times

  137. moonyoz

    I think Jasper is hotter than Edward

  138. shnooksster

    well my sisters read the whole twilight series before the movie came out, and they recommended it to me. But i watched the movie first because I didn’t have time to read it before and I didn’t find edward very romantic. And then i read the book and i was practically in love with him! and Kristen was good but it didn’t look like she could be churpy in some parts.

  139. Trisquit

    They did not replace Taylor in New Moon, he actually just bulked up for the part. It is still the original Jacob, he just cuts his hair in the movie too, so he does look almost identical to the main character in the Covenant, but it isn’t him, they kept Taylor thankfully, because he made a great Jacob!!


    hey did you see bella in twilight not so pretty but look at her in new moon like wow i think that she got prettier way prettier

  141. Kelly Ikin

    Ok. I’m going to first start off by saying. Twilight was not what i was expecting. Their were alot of scenes i wish that were from the book.. For eg. The bloody test scene or the meadow scene was nothing like it was in the book or the Jacob part about the werewolves sorta disapointted me too because it’s not how he told it in the book. I watched te deleted scenes etc and if they had put them into the movie.. I would of loved the movie more… But overall i thought it was made really well.. Catherine did an amazing job with what she had and i give her a standing ovation.
    With New moon i am really excited because it is my favourite book because of Jacob.. I was rather disapointed to hear Taylor launter got signed up again.. But look at him now.. WOW.. I am not a fan of his but looking at him now i hope he does a better job then what he did in Twilight… I have heard several thigns about the movie such as… They don’t do the wolf scene in the movie like the book (Like when Mike, jacob and Bella go to the movies) Instead he is already a werewolve and Bella has to guess… And at the end Edward doesn’t offer marriage as an ultimatium because they are consdering not bringing out Breaking Dawn EVEN THOUGH Robert pattinson has already signed up for it… :S
    Anyway.. overall i am really excited and CANNOT WAIT to see it.. Hopefully it will be made better then Twilight and although Catherine did a good job i believe Chris will do a good job too..
    Thx for reading guys.

  142. maraine

    well people, i am completely obsessed with the whole twilight saga. honestly, im starting to lose my mind because i cant take waiting for the next movie anymore! new moon is going to be so amazing! but i just want to point out one thing to all you guys, you see its all good and well that you love the movie and you have all these comments about what you wished they did or didn’t do, i mean i completely agree that they should have kept the meadow scene as is in the book, and that bella and edward’s relationship isnt portrayed as i imagined it would be according to the book, but think about it, these people do the best they possibly can, remember, they have a budget, and from what i saw in the interviews, i’m guessing that making the first movie must have been really hard because their budget didn’t always allow them to do the things that are mentioned in the book, some things would just have been too expensive to make, and also the weather made things really difficult, it wasn’t playing along for the things they had to shoot. and things like cgi and special effects and stuff are very very expensive to do so that’s why they considered dropping taylor lautner as jacob, but, since the posters are out and taylor is on them and looking totally buff, i’m guessing the budget is bigger for new moon because they have more certainty of how the film will be doing. and the longer a movie is, the more money it probably cost to make. man, if only everyone would just make the movie for the fans, and not to make lots of money, they probably could put every single detail of the book in the movie right? but unfortunately things don’t work that way, which s*cks.
    okay, so that was just to let you guys think a little before you ask stupid questions like why can’t they do everything the same as in the book….
    i think they did a great job with twilight, and since i’ve read the books like a hundred times, i can’t wait for the rest, and i hope they decide to do breaking dawn, because it would just s*ck if the silver screen story ends with eclipse.

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