New Moon Official Site

The official site of New Moon, aka Twilight 2, is now up and running:

New Moon official site –> here

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The twilight Saga New Moon Official Website

A good sign that the release of the official New Moon trailer is for soon!

6 Responses - “New Moon Official Site”

  1. Isabella

    i can’t wait for new moon

  2. Iszaham

    Whoa, the sign look great. This goin’ to be on everyone radar movie to watch this year! Let’s hope the new director bring us something new!

  3. wolfpeach

    hope this i’ll be better than twilight…

  4. Rachael

    i absolutely love twilight i have every one of the books so i do know how it finishes plus the first film book i am getting inpatient about this second film .
    love Robert pattinson he’s the bomb

  5. ashley

    i’m going to wet my pants… I LOVE TWILIGHT!

  6. Angelz

    saw the New Moon trailer.. gotta say I’m a bit disappointed with Jacob phasing into a wolf? looks more like Bolt… i expected him to look more like the lycans from underworld but i suppose with the movie targeting young teenagers that they couldn’t really make him too scary…