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The trailer of New Moon has already surfaced on online:

New Moon Movie

Share your thoughts about this trailer of Twilight 2, aka Twilight New Moon!

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    this twilight new moon trailer looks good, i can’t wait!

    i am so looking forward to this movie, i am currently purchasing twilight in my dvd club

  2. K

    Awesome New Moon trailer.

  3. Amy

    *SQUEALS* omg, can’t wait!! gonna be soepic! The wolves look great for cgi

  4. Iszaham

    I’m looking forward to this highly-anticipated sequel, looks interesting… The first scene was looking amazingly great, now what I imagined while reading the second book becomes clear now. Laurent look scary there, more wicked than ever and Jacob turns to his Shape-Shifters things, I mean werewolf… Look very interesting! Can’t wait this November!

  5. L

    The trailer looks awesome but Bella isn’t supposed to know about Jake being a wolf in this scene when he saves her…she learns about him MUCH later in the book….oh well guess for times sake they had to change things a bit – hope they didn’t change too much ! The book was great!!!Still looks great Love the way he transforms !!

  6. Iszaham

    That right L. I just noticed the scene now. It was supposed Bella only saw a wolf-pack before she and Laurent run. I guess, they need to cut some part for a good duration. I just can’t wait to see how Emily’s face will be?

  7. Hristo Chernev

    I’m hoping that the movie itself won’t be with much mistakes regarding the book… hopefully it stays with the book more than this trailer… Otherwise it is AWESOME! Damn, I’m hyped to see it!

  8. james

    the laurent and the jacob parts are 2 separate scenes. look at the first one with laurent: she has a backpack and in the second one with jake, she hasn’t

  9. Jamila

    If you look close it’s two different scenes from when it’s bella and laurent in the meadow and when it’s bella telling jake to run. They are in front of his house and the meadow is nowhere near jake’s house.
    This movie is going to ROCK!

  10. Joyce

    I can not wait for the movies to come out. From what i just seen it looks soo good. damn Nov. is still awhile away :(

  11. Summer Witt.

    I think New Moon is going to be a GREAT movie. I’m just so exited about it. Now it’s like the book coming to life. I can see it way better now.
    I’m pumped!

  12. Felix Tourin

    Yay! I can’t wait to see the movie!

  13. Nahomy

    well.. i know all we love twilight saga, but… don’t you think like me… i think the narnia’s lion looks better than this wolf…. i expected lil more than this… anyways i know i will love it too… hahaha
    i’m just waiting for watch the movie! i love vampires!

  14. Jaiden! XD

    OH MY FREAKING GOD ! i am obsessed! i won’t stop being obsessed till i see this movie! why can’t it come out earlier? I’m gonna be first on in line on opening day XD! JACOB looks amazing! His wolf form is amazing ! XD!

  15. Bailee

    omg i love twilight but the third is my fav it is the best and i cant pick a team i like edward and jacob both its so hard to pick but i cant wait tell the movie comes out i will be there opening day!!!!
    yes i am one of the crazy twilight fans!!

  16. kristi

    I feel like a teeny bopper, but I enjoy the Twilight saga. I think Rob and Kris make a cute little couple, but it SEEMS that she has a poor attitude. Cheer up chickety you’re kissing a gorgeous guy! Enjoy the limelight because in ten years who knows if you’ll be getting another gig with bigger payouts than this! :)

  17. haedae

    I dont like the trailer, it gives away everything, Edward leaving, Jacob is a wolf, grr(i lost the game), And bella isnt supposed to know that jacob is a wolf, I also agree with others that Jacob looks amazing, Taylor was the perfect person to play him!

  18. karie

    I wish that the directors and screenwriters would keep true to the book….shame on Stephanie Myers for allowing them to change such an awesome book…the books are popular for a reason

  19. lauren

    hey all i have to say is please let me have just one day with robert pattinson. I would love to go on a date with you just for one day please make me day if you read this one day

  20. lauren

    by the look of new moon trailer new moon is going to sell so much, this movie looks so hot that i’m counting the months and days i really can’t wait till it comes out

  21. starkid

    i’m totally obsessed y cant it come out soner =( i’m so exited i can hardy wait

  22. lyndsey gray baker

    OMG I LOVE Twilight! But the last book is better! I am so obsessed I have posters and my phone has a cover of Edward’s face>3>3>3!:) Can’t wait till the movie comes out!

  23. Jane Richards

    the anticipation from waiting!! the trailer sent shivers down my spine i hope the film lives up to the book.

  24. MC

    Connect the dots and you can figure out way too much that is going to happen in the movie! People should be left wondering and wanting more, not thinking ‘why should I go see it because now I know what’s going to happen!’ It does look pretty exciting and I will definitely go, but I wish so much wouldn’t have been given away!

  25. Sonja Porte

    oh my god i can’t wait for that movie to come… i love the books and the movie!

  26. belita

    If you look closely at the trailer you will see that Bella is wearing a back pack in the scene with Laurant and a different jacket, the trailer is a splice, in the scene where Bella tells Jacob to run and he turn’s into a wolf and hop’s over her, it is actually the scene with Paul, though you do not see him………..

  27. Laura Hayden

    oh my god i can’t wait I’ve been dying to see a trailer of Twilight New Moon, now I’m dying to see the movie!

  28. candelia

    I Just hope new moon still performing love chemistry edward and bella… that’s just the reason why people love this movie and novel… sorry but i don’t like jacob character he’s so… selfish…

  29. McKenzie Pethtel

    awesome! can’t wait to see it!

  30. AnnaBanana

    OMG. I so can’t wait for the movie. I have read the saga over and over. I agree the two scenes of bella and Laurant and jacob are different scenes. We will have to wait and see. But really what is up with Bella, for God sake child eat something. You can see how sucked in her face is and why so gloomy. I liked the first twilight Bella better, what happen to that girl? I know it’s the same actor but geez at least try to be a better bella for the fans sake!

  31. Edilva

    Hi….actually I’m a bit upset…..Can’t you see that in NM there are too much colors?I mean, Twilight had a “special light”, an “allure”, something mysterious, gothic (blue, grey,white, dark green…fog!!). Here I see a lot of orange, yellow, ….too much “hot”, too much sunny. Well….maybe the final effect is going to be better…
    let’s wait

  32. Sonnychan

    After i read the book, almost the ONLY reason I wanted to see this movie was because i wanted to see how the wolves looked like. Seeing this giant dog made me dissapointed, I wanted like a VAN HELSING werewolf, but i guess not =/

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