New Moon Volturi

New promo pictures of the Volturi in Twilight 2, aka Twilight New Moon have been released. Take a look below:

New Moon Movie

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus the volturi Dakota Fanning as Jane the volturi
Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius Cameron Bright as Alec

Charlie Bewley as Demetri the volturi guardDakota Fanning is Jane in Twilight 2 New Moon

I’m a bit disappointed by Michael Sheen’s Aro: he looks like some a mix between a priest and a corporate guy… On the other hand I’m damn impressed by Cameron Bright as Alec and Dakota Fanning as Jane, those two make great Volturi twins!

A new featurette introducing the Volturi:

Volturi – twilight New Moon


One Response - “New Moon Volturi”

  1. Morgan

    I think Dakota Fanning will make an amazing Jane. She has the look and she could definitely look intimidating.