New Moon

Twilight New Moonstrong>New Moon
aka Twilight 2
Directed by Chris Weitz
Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Release Date: November 20, 2009

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12 Responses - “New Moon”

  1. Brandi Sarlo

    um I think it should be the same people in all of the Twilight movies because I think the fan rate will drop if you switch characters at any point (:

  2. Edward LOVA...not Robert

    You are TOTALLY right!! How dare they change the cast! At least Robert Patterson is still the same! And if they EVER replace him… I KILL YOU ALL! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

  3. Twilight Lover!

    I soo LOVE Edward && if they change any of the main characters I will be soo MAD!

  4. marni zorrilla

    i like the movie and the books! they are right, they cant change the main characters then it wont be as good and it would upset the fans! but for the jacob role, i’ll admit Taylor is the best jacob but it they need to change him so he can look older than i get that but just as long as they can make it look like Taylor than no problem! I LOVE ALICE!!!!!

  5. Vamp Fan

    Stay true to the Twilight saga. It would ruin and disappoint so many fans if they start changing the names of any character. The movie should reflect the novel. That’s the reason for the whole film!

  6. edward lover

    you can’t change the main characters. if you do people might get conffused. you can’t change edward, bella, jacob, alice, japers, emse, carlie, emmet, roselia, charlie, billy, jesica, mike, angle or anyone like them. so keep the same people. yes they may start to look older but it would be better than changing the whole person. soooooooo don’t change the main characters. any way i like the way the people look like right now. besides i think edwards hot the way he looks.

  7. Tash Kemp

    i don’t think they are changing any characters
    i think there is just a lot of rumors going around new moon at the moment
    so calm down people!

  8. Taylorr tate

    i think they shouldn’t change the characters because the people who play bella, jacob, edward etc. they are like the faces of twilight

  9. Autumn Damico

    I think that they should definitely replace Kristen Stewart (bella) because in my opinion she cant act at all! but i love all the other characters :]

  10. Bec

    Kristen is great, she has wondeful expressions… all those girls out there are jealous that;s all…. lol… get over your green eyes.

  11. Bethie

    Twilight s**ked so bad it made my head hurt. The horrible acting killed it. Edward looks stupid most of the time with the big hair and bad makeup (not to mention the hand me down clothes), and Bella…ugh…the pauses in the middle of the sentences…wow, my cat can act better than her…she’s not at ALL what Bella should look like. True though, they shouldn’t change characters now, they already screwed up the casting from Twilight…might as well screw it up all the way through… but for Breaking Dawn, they just HAVE to replace Bella…There is no way Kristen can play Bella after the change, she’s too plain… They seriously should have gotten Ed Westwick to play Edward…i mean, Robert is so…UGLY! Yeck… Taylor, however, is perfect for Jacob in New Moon. His “new look” works well with Jacobs transformation…at least that’s what i think.

  12. twilighter

    I think that they did a good job with the cast and its Hollywood they have makeup to change the way they need to be. I think that Bella (Kristen) did a good job, she pauses and has trouble in the books as well, I also think that she is pretty and is a good choice for Bella, they could always get someone better with all movies, Edward (Robert) is very good looking in the movies and fits very well for the character along with the rest of the cast. I think that they picked the perfect people and hope that they do not change any of them for the next two movies. But then again this is my opinion and I am in love with the books and the movies.