New Posters for The Book of Eli

The poster designer seems unable to decide if Eli’s sword should be on his left or right side on those posters of the Book of Eli:

Book of Eli Trailer

(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

The last trailer of the Book of Eli was a bit disappointing, but I still want to believe in Denzel Washington: maybe his performance will save the Book of Eli movie!

One Response - “New Posters for The Book of Eli”

  1. Dudley M Driscoll

    That’s not a sword, it’s a shotgun (likely a Remington 870 pump) w/ a sawed off stock wrapped in black tape.
    Eli’s sword (machete more like) is worn under his jacket with the handle down on the right side. How can you watch the trailers & not figure that out? But, then his being able to re-sheath his blade without giving himself a steel enema is pure Hollywood.