New Trailer of Transporter 3 Jason Statham Meets Robert Knepper

Transporter 3 Jason Staham vs Robert Knepper

Jason Statham meets Robert Knepper in Transporter 3. Robert Knepper, famous for his role as T-Bag in Prison Break, still plays a twisted villain in Transporter 3. Here below the latest Transporter 3 trailer:

Transporter 3 Second Trailer

Maybe the government should put the same kind of device to the wrists of CEO of banks that are going to be bailed out: just an incentive for them to make sure that state money (our money) is well used…

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2 Responses - “New Trailer of Transporter 3 Jason Statham Meets Robert Knepper”

  1. Injury Lawyer

    I have an AUDI S4. The W12 Statham has is sick. Great cars, cool show.

  2. handren

    hi,im kurdish frm north of iraq, just i wana say
    even transporter 4 will not be perfect like 3 tnx for that JASON.
    kidding we are wating for FOR

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