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Olivier Megaton Transporter 3 Movie Clip

Transporter 3 Car Stunt

Olivier Megaton is the third director to work on a transporter movie after Corey Yuen for the first one and Louis Leterrier the second one. Megaton is actually a nickname, his real being Olivier Fontana. He was called megaton because he was born on the same day as the 20th Hiroshima Commemoration (August 6, 1965).

The nickname must influence his artistic vision: Transporter 3 is gonna blow us way for real! Just check this new Transporter 3 clip featuring an amazing car stunt:

Transporter 3 Preview Clip

Any Idea?
Frank Martin (Jason Statham) finds a creative way to get past two semi trucks.

Any idea about the soundtrack of this Transporter 3 trailer?

Jason Statham Transporter 3 Movie Clips

Jason Statham Transporter 3 Movie

Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin in Transporter 3. Robert Knepper (more famous for his role as the twisted T-Bag in Prison Break) needs a package to be delivered and Jason Statham is hired for the job.

Watch below some preview clips of the movie Transporter 3:

Transporter 3 Clips

Jacket Fight
With Jason Staham even a jacket can be a lethal weapon!

Warehouse Fight
Frank (Jason Statham) refuses to get back in the car.

One More Step
Jason Statham vs Robert Knepper

The soundtrack of Transporter 3 sounds promising, especially judging from the Warehouse Fight clip.

Transporter 3 High Octane TV Spot

Transporter 3 Movie

Check below the first TV clip of Transporter 3, a really high octane trailer, full of action:

Transporter 3 TV Clip

The plot of Transporter 3 will somehow remind you of Crank, even more because the lead actor is Jason Staham. But anyway, looks like Transporter 3 will deliver a shitload of action! And I’m already in love with the feminine counterpart of Statham in the movie.

New Trailer of Transporter 3 Jason Statham Meets Robert Knepper

Transporter 3 Jason Staham vs Robert Knepper

Jason Statham meets Robert Knepper in Transporter 3. Robert Knepper, famous for his role as T-Bag in Prison Break, still plays a twisted villain in Transporter 3. Here below the latest Transporter 3 trailer:

Transporter 3 Second Trailer

Maybe the government should put the same kind of device to the wrists of CEO of banks that are going to be bailed out: just an incentive for them to make sure that state money (our money) is well used…

Transporter 3 Movie Stills

Jason StathamYou may check a few pictures from Transporter 3 at:

Transporter 3 Pictures

Jason Staham is never too far from a car! Should hire him to interpret the lead role in the next Mad Max: just give him a wig to hide his baldness and it will be the best Mad Max ever!

Transporter 3 Movie US Poster

A US poster has been unveiled for Transporter, upcoming car / action movie starring Jason Statham:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

More at: Transporter 3

Transporter 3 - Poster USA
If you need it to arrive safe and one piece, hire a professional!


They should have put more focus on the girl (Katia Tchenko) instead of Jason Staham.

Transporter 3 International Poster

Check the international poster of Transporter 3 in full glory at:

Transporter 3 Poster

Jason Staham does hold a gun on this Transporter 3 poster. So why does Nicolas Cage refuse to appear with a gun on the posters of Bangkok Dangerous?

Maybe Cage is more greedy than Statham and asks for a bonus to appear with a gun on posters…

This is an international poster. Not sure the MPAA would allow a gun: how hypocrite this institution is! I mean, even teachers are now allowed to have a gun in the USA…

Transporter 3 Movie Trailer

Transporter 3 with Jason Statham

Jason Statham must have been some kind of racer in one of his previous lifes, he is never too far from a car in his movies! The English actor is back for a third opus of the Transporter movie series.

Here below the Transporter 3 trailer shown during the last Cannes film festival:

Transporters 3 First Official Trailer

This time, the rules are the same… Except one!


Jason Staham will drive in full gear in Transporter 3: he has to! There is indeed a cranked-like device sticking to his body that would explode if he’d ever failed to his mission!

Transporter 3

Transporter 3Transporter 3
Directed by Olivier Megaton
Produced by Luc Besson and Steve Chasman
Starring Jason Statham, Francois Berleand, Robert Knepper
Release Date: November 26, 2008

More Information at: Transporter 3 Trailer