New Ulm Movie New In Town Clip

New Ulm Movie with Renee Zellweger - New in TownThe movie isn’t exactly titled New Ulm, it’s actually New in Town… But even if filming was done in Canada, the story does take place in New Ulm, Minnesota. So let’s rather call it the New Ulm movie.

Take a look to this New in Town clip, er, I mean New Ulm movie clip:

Are you such a silly girl? You can’t pee outside?

The story of New in Town is about a corporate dominatrix who get tamed when she moves from Miami to the country town of New Ulm… Well, the scene above is cute, isn’t it?

By the way, this innocent movie could unwillingly spark a controversy: –> ill-chosen words in the movie New Town

Will the production company change the scene? Or will they ignore the event?

10 Responses - “New Ulm Movie New In Town Clip”

  1. Hermann the German

    Hey! Where’d they find the birch forest around New Ulm? I’ve lived out here for years and never seen one that wasn’t at least three hours away or on an incline, because New Ulm is pretty much surrounded by corn fields and flat land where it isn’t a river valley.

  2. Teaser Trailer

    If you don’t recognize New Ulm it’s probably because it isn’t!
    Hollywood’s patriotism being on the wane, they thought they could just go film in Canada where costs are lower….

  3. New Ulm Fan

    I live in New Ulm, and I thought the movie looked really funny. I do however think “Hollywood” could have at least filmed some of the movie in New Ulm to capture the real city and it’s charm. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. Sabina

    My sister out in Montana first told me about this movie! My New York sister said it was on the previews at their theater… and is excited to see it! Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Zach

    I was born in raised in New Ulm and i think hollywood should just man up and film it in new ulm

  6. dave

    I’ve lived in New Ulm for 21 years and I’m pretty sure no one around here has the old Fargo accent… sorry Hollywood you messed up

  7. Ron

    I lived in New Ulm all my life and just wish they could have at least filmed a few sites and used them in the film if they did not film it here

  8. Josh

    Hermann the German, the closest birch forest that i know (or at least it’s got a section of birches) is Birch Cooley, a county park (or state?) by franklin, about 30-35 miles away. I live in Fairfax, about 25 miles away from New Ulm. Whenever i’ve been to new ulm, i haven’t even noticed a GERMAN accent, why would they be Norwegians? can anyone say zombie apocalypse?

  9. Laurie

    My grandparents (both sides) raised their family in New Ulm. My brothers and I have fond memories of visiting friends and family over the last 50 years. It’s a great town and glad to see it’s getting an overdue “5 minutes of fame”! GO NEW ULM!!!

  10. Steve

    Couldn’t believe it when my wife said she saw this trailer on morning show. My dad was raised there, I lived there briefly in the 70s, and my grandparents have lived their entire lives there!!!
    I guess New Ulm will be known for more than Terry Steinbach now….