Nicola Peltz as Katara Last Airbender Movie

Here below a first look at the young actress Nicola Peltz as waterbender Katara in Shyamalan’s Airbender:

Last Airbender Movie Cast

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Nicola Peltz as Katara the waterbender

Katara is a Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. Katara and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), discover and free Aang (Noah Ringer) from the iceberg in which he had been trapped. With her brother Sokka, she accompanies Aang on his quest to defeat the Fire Lord, and eventually becomes his Waterbending teacher.

(Nicola Peltz)

Niola Peltz is fine for me as Katara, well still have to check ho she plays her role. But I guess some overzealous fans will spit their disdain on Shyamlan’s choice… How sad for them… Nicola Peltz will be great as Katara, let’s be optimistic and give her a chance.

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  1. thaMC

    I’m not sure about her. I think her acting will be the biggest factor, not looks.

  2. Vina

    But Katara’s brown…

  3. John

    Hey poster, you’re on crack if you think Nicola Peltz is a fine on Katara. You honestly are.

  4. Le Cat

    But Katara IS brown…Nicola Peltz isn’t brown

  5. razor

    The only thing that can make this girl be a decent Katara is her acting. So let’s hope Shyamalan didn’t mess up on that front for choosing her, since the looks are nowhere near. He could’ve at least tried getting any non-Caucasian girl (altho Inuit would’ve been the correct heritage since that is the main cultural influence for the Water tribes).

  6. Sarah

    Honestly… Why is EVERYONE griping about the skin color? We are basing this on a …. cartoon? As much as I’d like to see this movie base every single detail on the animated series, it’s just not possible. The cast looks great, despite their skin color. Why don’t we just wait for it to come out before we whine about it!

    If you think about it, what if Shymalan DID use the same exact color scheme in the movie? In real life, that would look cheezy. In the cartoon, you don’t notice it like that because it’s a cartoon: it makes sense in a cartoon. But in real life, if all the earth benders wore green, and if all the water tribe people wore blue, etc. etc., that would begin to look a bit much. That’s just one thing I think Shymalan did wisely with the costumes.

    Remember, we’re transforming a cartoon, that which is not bound by physics, into reality with limits.

  7. aline

    shymalan choose realistic path

    1.if somebody lives at cold weather its strange he has brown color skin
    2.if somebody lives at hot weather (zuko,ozai) its seem funny if he has more white skin than someone who lives at cold weather

    the cast is perfect, more realistic than cartoon version

    good job shymalan

  8. RiMwE

    I don’t like one thing that her eyes are green… Shouldn’t they be blue for waterbenders ?

  9. Ana

    Um…why are Katara’s eyes green? Couldn’t she have worn contacts?!

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