Nicolas Cage in National Treasure 3

Nicolas Cage back for National Treasure 3Nicolas Cage will be back for a third opus of National Treasure which has become a real movie franchise.

There are three main rumors concerning the plot:

New quest in National Treasure 3
– the Fountain of Youth

– Atlantis (Easter Islands)

– The lost Roanoke Colony

Much more details at: National Treasure 3 in 2010 Nicolas Cage is back as Benjamin Gates

It is reported that Nicolas Cage really appreciated to hang out of the USA for National Treasure 2, so one may bet that he will travel again in National Treasure 3.

It is not yet confirmed if the page 47 of the book of secrets, which Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage) described as life-altering, will be part of this new National Treasure movie. Director Jon Turteltaub even hinted that it could actually be the premise of National Treasure 4.

National Treasure 3 is expected to be released in 2010.

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  1. natlie

    Hi people! You know what I think? I think that both National Treasure 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 should both do the Fountain Of Youth. Because it sounds like the best idea in Disney history! even My 22 year old sister agrees with me, since I’m 20, these movies will be super HOT!

  2. castortroy

    National Treasure 3 hmm maybe Camelot?

  3. Ragavia

    The 2 parts of the National Treasure was a real treat. The end of the second movie gave a hint that we will again see Ben and Patrick Gates. Which has increased our expectation. Good Luck for the victory!

  4. caps369

    cant wait for this . . He has not done many good movies in the last couples of years , so bring on this one caps out

  5. Kathryn

    Hey i think the next movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4 should be about Atlantis or you should figure out another myth type thing that is really cool because I LOVE to learn about myths. I think that they are really really cool. Well i hope you consider my thoughts Bye Now see ya later!

  6. Faerieology

    Ooohh! Benjamin Gates “meets” Jack Sparrow at the Fountain Of Youth! C@@L!

  7. Jodie

    First I love the Nat. Treasurer movies. How many people flocked to the Boston, National Archives or to Philadelphia when these movies came out. History teachers everywhere loved them because the young students became interested in noticing the history around them. Personally, I think they would be smart keeping a historical twist to the plot. That is what this franchise owns in comparison to other movies. Instead of the myth type line. I really wish them good luck and look forward to another family film that has plenty of adventure and mystery to it.

  8. natltreasurefan

    correction: its page 47.

  9. fletcher

    I think it is some thing to do with fort Knox

  10. Anonymous

    i believe it will be about atlantis. i love underwater treasure hunting themes, i hope this will be it. but also i believe it could also involve end of the world or..human kinds beginnings twists in it..or all 3

  11. anthony

    It’s 2012 and so far NT3 has yet to be released.

  12. Zac.S.

    National Treasure 3 is now expected to come out in 2014!

  13. jim N

    How about Roswell and Area 51?

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