Nimrod Antal Predators

PredatorsDirector Nimrod Antal who’s in charge of the upcoming movie Predators has been talking about this new Predator sequel:

Nimrod Antal - Director of Predators

“So far, it’s been great, and I think that the fans who may have been underwhelmed by the last two AVP films, I think they’re in for a very pleasant surprise.
I think we both recognize that the original film was as good as it was because of the practical, because it was a guy in a suit, because it was the jungle, so we stay true to that. We were in Hawaii for a month in the jungle, so there’s going to be some pretty impressive locations.
Again, it was a challenge in finding a balance. I think when we cast Adrien, there were a lot of people going, ‘What?’ but at the same time, if we cast a Vin Diesel in that role or if we cast anyone who is Arnold-esque, we would have been attacked for doing that. So we decided early on to go in a very different direction as far as the casting process, but it turned out fantastic. He plays a mercenary in the film and if you look at the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan today, they’re not ‘yolked-out’ Schwarzenegger-looking guys. They’re all very wiry and thin guys, and I think it’s going to play well.”

Director Nimrod Antal

Good that Nimrod Antal is addressing the casting issue! Can’t say indeed that Adrien Brody looks as manly as Arnold Schwarzenegger… The way Director Nimrod Antal is explaining this choice, it feels like he wants to inject more realism in the franchise: I suppose he wants to focus on action and close combat and less on science-fiction and geeky tech weapons.

The movie Predators is filmed to be R-rated, so we may expect a bloody mess in the jungle!

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