No Ordinary Family No Ordinary Animal

No Ordinary Family S1.18 No Ordinary AnimalYou may watch below the trailer of “No Ordinary Animal”, the next episode of No Ordinary Family:

No Ordinary Family S1.18 – No Ordinary Animal

And a few pictures:

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No Ordinary Family – NOF S1x18 – No Ordinary Animal
“The Powell’s lives are in danger when a super-villain with animal-like powers is tasked by Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) to eliminate the family. Meanwhile, good girl Daphne takes a rebellious step by ditching school with boyfriend Chris to attend a Sara Bareilles music video shoot. And JJ becomes suspicious of Mr. Litchfield’s motives when he’s presented with different equations from those of the rest of the academic decathlon team; and Katie makes a shocking discovery about Joshua.”

Mr. Litchfield’s behavior is really disappointing.

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