No Ordinary Family No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Family S1.17 No Ordinary LoveHere’s the trailer of “No Ordinary Love”, the next episode of No Ordinary Family:

No Ordinary Family S1.17 – No Ordinary Love

And a few pictures:

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No Ordinary Family – NOF S1x17 – No Ordinary Love
“The mysterious Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) tasks the sexy – and dangerous – Sophie (Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica) to cause Jim and George to fall under her spell and make them do whatever she wants them to – which could place Jim’s marriage in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Stephanie must decide whether or not to inject a patient with the trilsettum serum and risk turning him into a super in order to retain Dr. King’s trust, and Daphne’s boyfriend, Chris, begins to have suspicions about the Powell family’s abilities.”

Tricia Helfer as guest star, awesome!

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